When and how to take actives?

Actives, oh actives. A potent product that would definitely change your skin for the better, but so intimidating and tricky to use. Yet a lot of newbies would blindly buy actives and wear it without any proper knowledge of skin care. I, too, also start to gain interest towards skin care routine because of the […]

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Empties Report: May 2017

It’s the time of the month again! I’m so sad that I’ve used up a lot of favorites this month. šŸ˜¦ And I don’t particularly know if I have the chance to repurchase it in near time, so…. yeah.Ā So, here areĀ the products that I’ve used up this month! 1. It’s Skin Power 10 Formula VC […]

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2016 Mid-year Collective Haul

I am one of those girls who seemingly addicted to online shopping, because more often than not, I am a believerĀ of retailĀ therapy, lol. Well, this is my first collective haul in 2016; although in real life I believe I bought more stuff than these…. But I decided not to include my purchases from January to […]

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