Current Empties (and Faves!)

I’ve tried and tested quite a lot of products since 2015, and sadly, a few of them showing reactions to my skin, or stings so much; that I just decided to stop using it after a couple of uses. So, emptying a product means two things for me; either that product works wonder, or simply works […]

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My 2016 Skin Care Routine

Following my latest post about skin care, now I will explain to you my latest skin care routine that I’ve been doing religiously for… 4-5 months, I guess. If you asked me, how I found the right one for me, I think you should find what your skin needs, what your own skin problems, and […]

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A little bit of Skin Care Talk

Hello! It’s been quite a while, no? (If you count it, it’s been more than a year, lol). Early 2015-2016 was such an experiment on skin care for me; results of following a lot of beauty bloggers, beauty youtubers, beauty forums, and other beauty influencers, I guess. And no, I wouldn’t blame them if any of […]

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