[REVIEW] NIOD Set No.1 Part 1

If you want to ask my best advice on choosing the perfect skin care brand for you, it’s gotta be “Never, ever, try high end skin care that have a huge cult following.” Because believe me, if it’s working for you, there’s no way back. Maybe you would think, “It’s okay to try the sample […]

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[REVIEW] NIOD Sanskrit Saponins

I guess it’s no longer a secret that I have mixed feelings towards DECIEM as a company. They keep bringing new, interesting, ground breaking products — while there are people that practically found The Ordinary to be mediocre or even a tool from DECIEM to testing out formula before they released it on their much more expensive […]

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Beauty Talks: Oh, The Drama!

There are lots controversies surrounding beauty brands lately. From this week alone, even the brands that always made me excited with their products, Glossier and DECIEM, also got some controversies that made me taken a back and rethink to purchase more of their products in the future. Well, let’s have a discussion here: Would the […]

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