Weekly Favorites: 10/9/2018

I doubt myself to be able to post favorites post more often so I will make this ~new~ kind of post once every blue moon. 😉 This post is kind of inspired by outofmythoughts’s favorite post that also mentioned her favorites outside of skin care and beauty products, which really refreshing to go out of […]

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When and how to take actives?

Actives, oh actives. A potent product that would definitely change your skin for the better, but so intimidating and tricky to use. Yet a lot of newbies would blindly buy actives and wear it without any proper knowledge of skin care. I, too, also start to gain interest towards skin care routine because of the […]

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Empties Report: August 2018

Phew, it’s been another month already! And we’re half-way done with 2018 already. How August treating you last month? Good? Bad? Well, at least it already goes by. Cheer up everyone, it’s a brand new month, hopefully, September will be good for us. 😉 This time around, I kinda have a lot of empties to […]

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[REVIEW] Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Aqua Booster SPF50+ PA++++

Literally, almost every beauty guru that I’ve followed love this sunscreen so much that they keep saying that it’s as good as the-everyone’s-holy-grail-but-me Shiseido Sunscreen. However, they also admit that even though it’s pretty much the similar to each other, we couldn’t say this it’s a dupe since the price is pretty much the same, though […]

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[Wednesday Masking] Blithe Intensive Mask Sea Cucumber Blue Zone Marine

I’m glad that nowadays, lots of overseas beauty brands already easily available here in Indonesia. Just this year alone, I believe that Blithe, Cremorlab, Ouai, Naruko, Uriage, Moonshot and more already available here officially. Kudos to local beauty distributor to bring them here, and not to mention there are a lot of local brands that […]

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