[REVIEW] Keana Nadeshiko Rice Toner

2019-02-08 17.18.36

Have I told you that I bought an excessive amount of hydrating toner last year? And this Keana Nadeshiko Rice Toner happened to be one of them. I don’t think that any of the hydrating toners that I’ve purchased disappoint me though some of them didn’t quite impress me—which is why I always choose hydrating toner as my safest bet when it comes to trying new brands that I’ve never heard before.

So, is this Keana Nadeshiko Rice Toner impressed me or just one of those toners in the market? Let’s jump right in.


2019-02-08 17.18.41

Lotion for soft and resilient skin.
“KEANA NADESHIKO rice (*) skin care” is 100% domestically produced rice-derived skincare serum which acts against dry porous skin.
“KEANA NADESHIKO rice lotion” has a thin texture like water, and permeates into dry skin. For soft textured resilient skin.
May be used morning and evening for approximately 1 and a half to 2 months.

* Moisturizing
●no coloring, fragrance-free, mild acidity
●organic rice bran fermented moisturizer

2019-02-08 17.19.07

In terms of texture, this toner is very, very watery. It’s even more watery compared than the essence from the sheet mask that I reviewed before. It sinks right into the skin after we apply it into the skin. It doesn’t have any distinctive colour nor smell, which is always good since I prefer skin care to be this way. While it does help to gain hydration into the skin, I don’t think that this toner impressed me that much. I could easily replace it with another toner and I wouldn’t notice the difference.

2019-02-08 17.18.48

Truthfully it’s not that it’s bad, it’s even comparable to Hada Labo Light Lotion that I really liked. However, now that I’ve tried several Japanese and Korean hydrating toners, I have to say that they are more or less are the same, and unless you have super sensitive skin, I personally think you could use any of that without worry.

2019-02-08 17.18.52

So, have you tried this Keana Nadeshiko Rice Toner before? What do you think? Please do share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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