[REVIEW] Mediheal Hydroβ Bio-cellulose Sheet Mask


Finally! This is it. After weeks and months of procrastinating, here is my review for one of my favorite sheet mask of 2018, which is the Mediheal Hydroβ Bio-cellulose Sheet Mask. I think it’s safe to say that in 2018, I am converted and won’t see sheet mask the same way again because of the greatness of Bio-cellulose material. Seriously, though, it’s just that good. The material is perfect for essence absorption, and it clings perfectly into the skin. Bye bye, the slipperiness of bad hydrogel material! 


Well, don’t get me wrong, I freaking love a good hydrogel material. However, several brands made a bad hydrogel sheet mask that would slips off your face if you move too much. And it’s less likely with bio-cellulose material; at least until now, I never find a bio-cellulose sheet mask that I don’t like and I’ve tried 3 to 4 brands until now. And I have to say, due to its formulation, I think this Mediheal Hydroβ Bio-cellulose Sheet Mask is definitely one of my most favorite.


What makes it so good? Well, there’s a reason why it has a premium price if we compare it to another Mediheal mask. First, the bio-cellulose material that will help to soak up the essence into the skin really, really well. Second, the fact that Mediheal being very generous with its essence. I even could reuse the essence for up to 3-5 times of usage afterward. And it works really well to plump up your skin, hydrates it really well from within. I never use it before makeup, but I think, if you’re into glass skin, this mask would help you to achieve glass skin look.


Will I recommend it to everyone? Of course! I’m glad that it’s already available here in Indonesia, so it’s easier for me to repurchase it because it’s just *really* good. Though the price is pretty expensive for a sheet mask (around 6~7 SGD, I believe), I think it’s definitely much cheaper in South Korea, though, so if you happened to be in South Korea for holiday, please make sure to stock it up!



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