[REVIEW] NIOD Set No. 1, Part 2

I’m sorry it takes a while to continue my NIOD Set No. 1 review, because I need to try the LVCE beforehand and it turned out that it’s my most favorite product from the set! Together with the Photography Fluid which never fails to impress me. Guess what? Both of these products are my favorites from the set! The ones that I think definitely worth the price!

Well, before we start the review, I think it’s only appropriate to convey my condolences for Brandon Truaxe, the co-Founder and mastermind of DECIEM, and of course, to these NIOD products. Deepest condolences for his family and DECIEM. He surely had problems for the past 2018, but we can’t deny that he is a pure genius and mastermind behind DECIEM, NIOD, The Ordinary, Hylamide, and etc. May he finally rest in peace.


50ml /1.7 fl oz/oz liq

LVCE is a skin cleaning system that respects dermal barriers and sebum production, cleaning the skin and removing makeup in a single step. LVCE contains no cleansing plant oils, no detergents and no water. It uses isolated sugar and avocado esters to remove dirt and makeup with or without water.

Massage a generous amount well onto dry face. Rinse with warm water. Can also be used without water by applying the formula to a facial pad —ideally cotton— and wiping the face thoroughly.


Before I read the direction, from the bottle alone, I thought that this product is a micellar water because of its packaging. Well, it turned out that this is a cleansing oil. A really, really nice cleansing oil on top of that. Why did this cleansing oil impress me so much though? Well, this cleansing oil could remove all of my waterproof makeup seamlessly, and by ‘waterproof’, I mean ‘Heroine Make Long & Curl waterproof’. Yes, this cleansing oil is that waterproof. And we won’t need to rub our skin as much either, and my skin feels very clean every time I use this product. Plus, it emulsifies easily with water. I despise cleansing oil/balm that couldn’t be emulsified by water like most western product, so this fact is always a plus point for me.

It comes with transparent and thicker consistency if I’m going compare it to other cleansing oil product. The packaging is such a great point also. However, I don’t know if I got a bad batch or I unknowingly accidentally dropped the bottle in past, but it leaked slightly if I try to lock it. Well, hopefully, they invent a better lock in the full-size packaging, though.

My only regret is the fact that I couldn’t try it out together with Sanskrit Saponis because I’m running out of it already by the time I was trying out this product. Who knows, maybe they are a match made in heaven?


15ml /0.5 fl oz/oz liq

A novel approach to creating a foundation for skin that reflects even radiance in life and very specifically through the camera lens, this instant treatment is serum-textured but contains a wide array of light refracting prisms, tone and hue correctors and topical photo-finishing technologies to offer even radiance within seconds.

Apply instead of or under liquid foundation to balance out undesirable colour tones and skin imperfections. This formula can also be mixed with other products for subtle hue correction.


I’ve heard a lot of good things regarding this specific product. Most of the people said that this is basically a photoshop in a bottle. And I couldn’t believe that the raves are indeed true. This product is definitely a photoshop in a bottle! It would instantly make your skin looks healthier, and glow from within. A lot of people were complimenting my skin whenever I use this product.

So, it’s basically an illuminating primer, with shimmering particles that you can use on its own or you use under your foundation. However, it does accentuate skin problems and dry patches, though. I asked my friend to try this, and she was frustrated because this product accentuates her dry patches. Therefore, make sure to hydrate your skin well before you use this product for the maximum effect.


Well, all in all, I have endless love towards both of these products and I thanked NIOD for creating them. The only downside is, of course, the price. But I think they are both worth the price, though. So if you want to try something from NIOD and confuse where to start, make sure to try these products first because they are that good.

So, have you tried this product before? What do you think? Please do share your thoughts in the comment section below! 😉

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