[REVIEW] Sara Sara Soft Stone Double Ex Strong Deodorant


Well, it’s safe to say that I already reach a certain point of trust to beauty influencers, to the point I also believe their recommendation of deodorant, lol! So, this local beauty blogger that I trust recommend this specific Sara Sara Soft Stone Double Ex Strong Deodorant and I got curious because having the similar problem myself, it’s kinda hard for me to choose the right deodorant and I even feel devastated when my trusted Lady Speedstick was no longer imported to Indonesia a while ago (well, now they bring it back to Indonesia, and I stocked it up afraid that they will stop import it again, lol).


Therefore, I have so much expectation towards this deodorant; mostly because it comes from Japan, and I trust Japanese product the most. From the appearance, it looks classy, the branding and all, though I still can’t stand the tacky scriptwriting, lol. However, though, I didn’t expect that this Sara Sara Soft Stone Double Ex Strong Deodorant true to its name, would be as hard as stone, lol!!! I expect it to be like regular stick deodorant, where the texture is more balmy.


The thing that I quite like about this deodorant is the fact that it didn’t leave white marks and unscented. It’s really good especially if you often wear dark clothes. Well… now let’s talk about its performance. Is it really capable to hold unpleasant odor and perspiration? I honestly thing that it’s really comparable to Lady Speedstick in terms of performance. Depends on your activity, but mostly I still need to reapply it at 4-5pm if I’m staying indoor.


However, though, I purchase the powder version in Tokyo last November because I’m currently on IPL, and I have to say that I’m pretty impressed with the powder version. In fact… I prefer the powder version more because I feel like it lasted longer? I honestly quite worry if powder deodorant would be enough since I’ve never wear one before, but surprisingly it works really well! I also love the fluffy sponge! The only downside though, it leaves white marks upon application because again, it’s a powder deodorant, you guys. Perhaps we can’t really avoid that.


Will I repurchase it? I would totally repurchase the powder version! I give the stick version to my dad and I haven’t heard how he think about it, lol, going to ask him later.

Well, have you tried this deodorant before? What do you think? Please do give your thoughts in the comment section below! And if you have any product recommendation, please don’t be hesitant to tell me! 😉

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