[REVIEW] Cremorlab Herb Tea Pure Calming Mask & Leaders Bright Mask Sheet Mask

It’s been a while since I review sheet mask, isn’t it? Well, this time around I will talk about two sheet mask that I consider pretty good quality, Cremorlab Herb Tea Pure Calming Mask & Leaders Bright Mask Sheet Mask.


1. Cremorlab Herb Tea Pure Calming Mask

I purchased this sheet mask right away when I heard that Cremorlab is officially imported to Indonesia. At first, I want to purchase it when I was on Brisbane, but little did I know that Cremorlab is a pretty pricey brand, lol! I, of course, have a big expectation towards this sheet mask given that it’s considerably pretty pricey.


The essence is pretty light and adsorbed pretty fast into the skin. It makes my skin well hydrated and moisturized. The scent is pretty soothing, nothing perfumey, which I pretty like. However, I honestly expect more from the material. The material is pretty thick, reminds me of 7 days sheet mask from Japanese brand that I really like (I’ll review it pretty soon!). However, considering that this mask has twice the price of that 7 days sheet mask, of course, I expect more, maybe… with bio-cellulose material? Or at least hydrogel material.


2. Leaders Bright Mask Sheet Mask

I understand why Leaders is everyone’s favorite affordable sheet mask together with Mediheal and SNP. No wonder, though, if I’m not mistaken, Leaders and Mediheal come under the same company. Well, I like that they have the right thickness of sheet mask, which is not too thick yet not too thin either so that the essence would soak in pretty efficiently. This specific mas supposed to give you brightening effect. While I don’t believe in “instant brightening” effect especially from sheet mask, well, it does give you that instant glow from within, though it only lasted for a while.


Well, all in all, I think Leaders Mask is something that worth to be repurchase rather than the Cremorlab one. I’m not saying that the Cremorlab is bad, the essence alone could beat the Leaders‘ essence formulation, however, given the price, Cremorlab could do better, and I wish they would improve the sheet mask material in the future.

Have you tried them before? What do you think? Please do share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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