[REVIEW] Rollover Reaction Sueded! in Livv


I honestly already got this Rollover Reaction Sueded! in Livv since a while ago, and I have to say that from a couple shades that I owned, I think I prefer this shade much better rather than the other ones, probably because these days I prefer brown toned shades, especially 90s shades. Though I definitely couldn’t wear cool toned brown, learned my lesson through my old NYX lipstick, and this 90s inspired shade by Rollover Reaction is definitely had the perfect amount of cool tone and yellow tone.


Packaging wise, together with BLP Beauty, Rollover Reaction definitely on top of their game on the local beauty industry. They have very chic branding, with simple yet sophisticated packaging which I have to give a very common term these days, “very millennial.” But now that they had extended their products to eyebrow product, eyeshadow, and even skin care, I think they managed to bring their branding and message perfectly through their packaging and ads.


The shade itself, for me, feels like a true brown with a hint of terracotta shade. It kinda reminds me of BLP Beauty Ginger Bread. Depends on the individual’s skin tone, but I think it’s a pretty versatile shade, definitely something that you could wear on daily basis. It has mousy texture, just like other Rollover Reaction! Sueded Liquid Lipstick, which will turn into powdery texture once applied on the lips. As for the longevity and all, it’s pretty much the same with other RR Sueded! lipstick I think.


Will I repurchase this one? Well, I don’t think so since there’s always something new in the market that I want to try, lol. I really want to try their Flushed! Lip Stain and Glazed! Liquid Eye Tint sometime in the future though!

So, have you tried this liquid lipstick or any Rollover Reaction product before? Please do share your thoughts in the comment section below! 😉


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