[REVIEW] Bourjois Radiance Reveal Anticrenes Concealer


I honestly really want to try this ever since I saw Zoella recommending this product ages ago. However, since *of course* this is not the only concealer that I wanted to try, I just got my hand to this concealer after I was running out of my travel size NARS Concealer. Well, I have to say that since Bourjois Healthy Radiance Concealer is my first ever concealer… I think? Or is it MAC Concealer?  I know for a fact that this concealer would work for me, regardless of how great it will perform, I just know that it would be at least work okay for me since so far, there are no base products from Bourjois that disappoint me.


I don’t know which one released first, but the large doe foot applicator of this concealer kind of reminds me of the famous Tarte Shape Tape concealer. I haven’t tried the Tarte one, though, so I don’t have any valid opinion if the concealer is really similar to the Tarte one. Since I’m not used to large doe foot applicator for concealer, at first I kinda hesitant to put it under my eyes, lol, afraid that it would dispense too much product.


It does get tricky at first, not gonna lie, since the texture of this concealer is rather thick, it would get cakey if you put it too much. Therefore, my favorite trick with this concealer is to put 3 tiny dots under each of my eyes and blend it with beauty blender. If you put the right amount of concealer it would go smoothly without any cakey-ness. It’s also not creased as much, though, and it’s pretty hydrating. Well, truth to be told, I think I kinda prefer this concealer to NARS Concealer.


However, I don’t know if I prefer this concealer or the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. Well, in terms of price, I think I would prefer to repurchase the Fit Me one, since I personally think that they both works just as good, but the Maybelline one is much more cheaper and easier to get.

Will I recommend this product? Well, yes, definitely! If you want a full cover concealer with dewy finish and non-drying formula, then this is for you. Moreover, it’s still pretty affordable at around ~$15~$18. However, if I had to really, really, really choose between this concealer or the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, I would rather repurchase the Maybelline one since it’s noticeably more cheaper.




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