[WEDNESDAY MAS] Mediheal Mask Capsule100 Bio Seconderm Mask Clearα


Hands down, one of the best sheet mask that I’ve tried last year! I honestly have love-hate relationship with Mediheal products ever since the Sheet Mask Scandal, but since my friend keep raved about this sheet mask and I fell in love with bio-cellulose mask ever since I tried the Faith in Face Bio-cellulose Mask. So, without further ado, let’s talk about this Mediheal Mask Capsule100 Bio Seconderm Mask Clearα!


Mediheal Capsule100 Bio Seconderm Mask (Clear α)

▶ Manufacturer: Ecis cosmetic

▶ Country of origin: Republic of Korea

▶ Volume : 23ml+4ml

▶ Major ingredients

: Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea Extract, Tea Tree Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Indian Oriental Extract


▶ Product description

[STEP 01-Bio-Cellulose Mask]
: High fit like own skin for beauty essence high absorption.
: 04.7 degrees lowering skin temperature for cooling care.
: Natural bio-cellulose sheet similar to skin protein with a fine net structure.
: Absorbs dead skin and impurities when peeling for two-step ampoule absorption.
: Natural moisture ingredient used, skin irritation tested.

[STEP 02 – Capsules 100 Hyaluronic Acid Pure Ampoules]
: Moisture pulling water tank to maintain skin forming ingredients, keeps moisture and increase skin barrier.
: Supply rich moisture between skin texture.

▶ How to use

1. Place step 1 sheet onto face remove after 20~30 minutes and pat excessive essence for absorption.
2. Place step 2 capsule ampoule evenly onto face and let it absorb.


I think this mask targeting to clear the skin because of the CICA and Tea Tree ingredients. However, it also contains Hyaluronic Acid, my ultimate favorite ingredients to prevents the dryness that usually tea tree gives, therefore your skin will be well hydrated but also prevent any blemishes to comes up. They give you a capsule full of hyaluronic acid serum, that lasted me for 3-5x of usage, lol! I love how it plump up my skin!

But! The highlight to this sheet mask is the actual bio-cellulose material. Seriously, if you love sheet mask but haven’t tried anything with bio-cellulose before, please do me a favor and try this one! Bio-cellulose is really life changing as it really help to make the serum and essence to seeps deeper into the skin and make skin very well hydrated and plump and it sticks to the skin really well!


The only downside to this mask is the price. I think it’s the most expensive sheet mask from Mediheal. I think it’s around $6~$7? But still, I think it worth the investment since there are tons of way more expensive sheet mask in the market, lol. Therefore, I’m 100% will repurchase this product in the future and will recommend it to anyone to try it!

So, have you tried this sheet mask before? Please do share your experience in the comment section below! 



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