[REVIEW] OPI Infinite Shine Set


I think this is my first time to talk about nail polish in this blog. Well, I used to be really into nail polish and collecting almost all of the colour that you could imagine, lol. I think nail polish is the first beauty stuff that I was into back in the day when I was I child. There was a time when I always coming into Etude House store only to tested out many kinds of nail polish when I was in college.

Fast forward to April 2018, I saw this OPI set that comes at bargain price at some discount store in Brisbane, so of course I just have to purchase it since I was never tried any OPI nail polish before! So, without further ado, here’s my thoughts for OPI Infinite Shine Set.


It’s time to Infinite Shine

Extra shine, more time. With 11 days of wear, our innovative Infinite Shine formula is more than just your regular nail polish.

What is Infinite Shine?

Infinite Shine is the next generation of nail color.

3 steps, multiple benefits, trendy & iconic shades.


I honestly don’t have any specific requirements when it comes to nail polish, I like almost any colours on my nail. Knowing that OPI nail polish usually comes in set, I thought it comes with 3 different colours, but it turned out that this set only comes with 1 nude pinkish colour, and the 2 others are nail primer and nail topper.


According to the website, the primer and the topper provide optimum sticking power, less chipping, 60% higher gloss retention, and 25% higher shine. I guess they are aiming to give gel nail finish? Maybe.

So the set comes with sheer nude pinkish colour, which very wearable for everyday use. The colour is very pretty, and though the application is quite bothersome since it requires 4 layers of applications, it does last a long time with a shiny finish as it promised to be.


Will I repurchase it? Well, maybe not. These days I don’t know why I don’t really have time to apply nail polish. However, I think it’s a good investment if you like to use nail polish in daily basis, especially if you purchase it with bargain price, lol. They have other colours, I think there are 150 colours available? But this specific colour would make your nail looking healthier and would definitely be wearable for any occasion since it’s really versatile and will make your nail looks healthy.


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