Empties Report: Year End 2018

I know year 2018 is the year where I abandoned this blog the most, my bad, sorry! 😆 Therefore, my simple wish for this blog is to keep blogging three times a week. Well, wish me luck for this simple resolution! *fingercrossed*

This post is the long due empties that I kept forgetting to post since October. Therefore, it’s like my accumulation of three months empties, well shall we call it Year End Empties, then to put it short? Well, let’s get it started!


NIVEA Make Up Clear Micellar Water

One of the most affordable micellar water in the market. Well, it doesn’t remove my makeup as well as my favorite micellar water but it still does the job. The only reason why I keep repurchasing it is because of its price and it’s available at the supermarket that I always went to for groceries, lol.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

The famous potrelium jelly for any kind of purpose! Well, I’m a bit hesitant to use it for facial area, but I really love it to use it for my heel and elbow. This product really help me to avoid cracked and dry skin. For emergency, sometimes I use it as eyebrow mascara and hair pomade for models.

Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl Mascara

I guess it’s no longer a secret that this is my HG Mascara. Really help to lengthen my short lashes and it stays until the moment you remove your makeup, lol. Repurchased it already last November. But I did bought a couple of new mascara to tried out, though. ;-P


My Beauty Diary Rose Moisturizing Essence Mask

Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask

I didn’t regret to purchased one box of each mask last April. My skin been loving it! Though if I had to choose I might prefer Papa Recipe way more, but this MBD Rose Moisturizing Essence Mask will packed your skin with very hydrating and easy to absorb essence. Your dehydrated skin will thank you. But if you prefer more punch for hydration, especially if you have dry skin, there is no doubt that you will prefer the Papa Recipe one. The texture of the essence is thicker rather than the MBD one, but it will make your skin plump and glowing instantly!


COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF 50+ PA+++

I forgot that I had both this sample, hence the reason why I just tried it last year when in fact I already got it for a while (No, it wasn’t expired yet, Thank God, lol). Well, this sunscreen is pretty good, though not really memorable. I think I still prefer my Japanese sunscreen, especially since it’s way more affordable and easier to get.

COSRX Advanced Snail All in one cream

As for the snail cream, well, it’s not as thick as I’ve imagine it to be. It’s an okay cream during my short test. Maybe I will purchase it in full size in the future if it irks my interest someday.


Mediheal Bio-Cellulose Hydroβ

Loveee this sheet mask to bits! Year 2018 is the year where I discover that Bio-cellulose mask is my favorite form of sheet mask. It will instantly make your skin well hydrated, plump, and glowing, yet the bio-cellulose material will help to sink in the essence way, way better than regular tissue sheet mask or even hydrogel. The only negative part is the fact that it’s rather pricey.


CNP Laboratory Dr Jet MASK

CNP Laboratory definitely not the most cheapest skin care from South Korea (well, in fact, Korean drugstore brand is much higher in price rather than the roadshop brand), and I think since their best selling products also available in sheet mask form, I think it’s a good way to sample it, lol. This mask definitely feels rich and ‘expensive’ if you know what I mean. The essence is definitely different than cheap $1 sheet mask.


Biossance Squalane + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer

Perhaps this is one of the products that I finished before I write a full review of it. (soon, promise, really, really soon!) Hands down, one of the best moisturizer that I’ve tried in my life (so far). Maybe a tie to YTTP Moisturizer that I really, really love. Will I repurchase it? Well the only reason why I’m taken a back to repurchase it is because of its price. Potential dupe to this moisturizer? Innisfree Jeju Orchid Cream.

NIOD Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate

The more expensive version of The Ordinary ECGC. Well, I have to say that I won’t repurchase both of them. The only reason why I like to bring this product everywhere is because the size is really convenient for traveling. Well, they are both serum for eye area though, not an eye cream and I don’t find that extra strep help my dark undereye, therefore it’s clear that I won’t repurchase it.

Glamglow Flashmud Brightening Treatment

Probably one of the best clay mask that I’ve ever use in my entire life. Yeah, and it’s my first Glamglow product too. It helps to brighten my skin and makes it really smooth because of the physical exfoliation. Maybe I will try another Glamglow mask instead of repurchasing this one.

Youth To The People Kale+Green Tea Spinach Vitamins Age Prevention Cleanser

Not my preferable second cleanser but it’s good nonetheless. It has low pH, sensitive skin friendly, and the ingredients is really good. But maybe because YTTP have a high price point, maybe I expect more. But well, it’s good, though, and I understand why there’s a lot of people that been loving this cleanser.


Esfolio Egg Essence Mask Sheet

Another sheet mask that my friend give it to me from her Korea trip. Well, it’s a basic $1 sheet mask, I think. In terms of performance, well… it does its job, though I have to be honest that it’s not as good as more expensive sheet mask. But, if you love to use sheet mask every single day, I think this is an excellent option given the affordable price.


To All of The Mask I Haven’t Review Before… 

(Will review it soon! Promise.)

CNP Laboratory Propolis Sheet Mask

Innisfree Second Skin Oil-Serum Mask

Tofu Moritaya Soy Bean Yogurt Beauty Face Mask (Moisturizing)

Those three have different level, to be honest, lol. If I had to put it into ranking. The 3rd place would be Tofu Moritaya, 2nd one would be Innisfree Second Skin Oil-Serum Mask and a little bit higher than Innisfree would be the CNP Laboratory. Will explain my reason in seperate post! 😉


Papa Recipe Bombee Sheet Mask

Esfolio Aloe Vera Essence Mask Sheet


Dr. Wu Deep Hydrating Capsule Mask with Vitamin A

This mask makes me understand what is the fuss around Taiwanese sheet mask. This mask is freaking good. And I have to mention that I purchased the cheapest kind of mask from Dr.Wu. I cannot imagine how good is the famous For Beloved One Sheet Mask would be. And teaser: I’ve tried a couple of products from Dr.Wu and so far they never disappoint me!

Faith in Face Missing Pore Tightening Sheet Mask

Weirdly enough, this is probably my least favorite from Faith in Face. I usually really like Faith in Face Mask, but this one didn’t awed me for some reason. Eh. But I mean, compared to cheap sheet mask, of course it was way better, but compared to other Faith in Face product, I think they could do better.


Bioré Cleansing Oil

My favorite product for brush cleansing! Really love this product! It’s pretty cheap and it could last me a few months. The only reason why I kept using it for my brush, not my face is because it used to be broke me out, lol.

Sana Nameraka Honpo Skin Lotion 

This product made me realized that well, indeed, most of Japanese hydrating toner works more or less the same. Is it bad? Well, it’s far from bad. It’s really good, even. However, given the so much options for the similar price point, I think I would love to try different option rather than settle to this lotion for the rest of my life.

Whamisa Organic Flower Toner

Ha! Finally finish it after a long long long long time! It feels like a task to finish this product because I practically hate the scent. Won’t repurchase it due to that reason even though I have to admit that the fuss is rather right, it does help to hydrate and plump up your skin but, no. I won’t repurchase it.


Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo

Gift from my friend from her trip to UK. Really help for traveling, lol! Well, as the performance it’s pretty much the same with other types of Batiste.

Garnier Oil-infused Cleansing Water

Bioré Perfect Cleansing Water

An okay cleansing water. It’s pretty good, though I think I already mentioned that these days I prefer to cleanse my skin with oil cleanser only for first cleanser.


Grown Alchemist Olive Leaf & Plantago Extract Facial Cream Cleanser

NIOD Sanskirt Saponis

Both are my favorite luxury second cleanser, hands down. Low pH, very nice for my sensitive skin, and I also love the chic packaging though my friends that didn’t familiar with both brands will think that this is a paint tube, lol. Love both, sadly they are really expensive for daily usage. 😆


Glossier You Perfume

I didn’t expect that I would love this perfume soooo so so so so much! I currently have three bottles of perfume that I need to finish first. And then afterwards I 100% will purchase the full size of this Glossier You.

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear

I think I remember that one of Korean Vloggers mentioned that the Espoir Foundation is the dupe to this Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear and I have to say that indeed, the texture to this foundation reminds me of Espoir Foundation! The finish is very dewy and the coverage is medium.

Hada Labo Gokyujun Hydrating Lotion

The lotion that I would purchase over and over and over again because of its simplicity for traveling purposes, lol. But these days I repurpose the bottle for other hydrating toner, though.


Goodness Every Week Facial Scrub

A pretty good facial scrub for my sensitive skin! Will review this scrub soon!


Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water

If you’re an old reader, you would probably know that this is my favorite micellar water. However, for the past couple of months, I’m really way too worn out to wear separate makeup remover, therefore I didn’t repurchase this. Maybe I will repurchase this for fixing point makeup.

Trilogy No.15 Limited Edition Beauty Oil

If you already read my full thoughts regarding this oil, you would probably know that I have mixed feelings towards this beauty oil. Well…. It’s save to say that I prefer the original Rosehip Oil instead of this one.

Dr.Jart Cicapair Cream

It works fine for my skin, but I didn’t really see what is the fuss is about. If you have troubled skin, maybe you would love this one, but I think I prefer the Ceramide one better.

My Beauty Diary White Lily Brightening Mask 


Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant

It’s been a while since I’ve tried this variant of Vaseline and wow, I didn’t expect that I would love this variant so much!

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

I love to use darker shade of Fit Me Concealer for contour, but these days I’ve been using Majolica Majorca more because I think powder contour lasted longer than the liquid one?

Hanyul Calming Water

Tester that I got from my past purchase. Love it! The texture is pretty similar to Sana Nameraka Lotion. Watery, hydrating, and pretty light. Perfect for hydrating toner and layering for 7-skin method.


Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask

During the first month of using it, I didn’t expect that I would gradually love this mask afterward. Using it till the last drops, and I have to say that this mask really helps to keep blemishes at bay. 10/10 will repurchase it if I had the chance to visit Aussie again.

Hanyuanji Cosmetic Accessories Makeup Cotton Pads

The thing is, if you already used to the high quality of Silcot Cotton Pads, this cotton pad will disappoint you greatly. Not loving it. Won’t repurchase it. Ended up to use it for removing my makeup.

Lucido-L Hair Essence

Loving this product for pre-heat care for my hair. It lasted me more than a year, too, lol even though I use it almost every day. It’s very affordable also.

Senka Perfect White Clay

Weirdly enough this variant works just fine on me while the regular blue one made my skin tight. Maybe because my current skin condition is more stable, maybe. Will repurchase it maybe, especially since it have affordable price


Kose Sekkisui Travel Set

The set that works just fine but I perhaps only repurchase it for traveling purposes, lol. Pretty good, loving the cleansing oil the most.

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