[TESTED SAMPLES] Kosé Sekkisui Skin Care Set OG

I think this Kosé Sekkisui is one of the famous Japanese drugstore brand. It’s like the cheaper line from Kosé, and you can easily find it in any drugstore, or even convenience store. I honestly only curious to try it once, and have no intention of purchasing the full size one, therefore I purchased this sample set to try.


The power of oriental herbal extracts,
for skin with a snow-like smooth translucency.
4-item skincare set (amount for approximately 1 week) that is convenient when traveling or for trying the products.
[Set contents]
Oil-Enriched Cleansing Gel: 18g (tube)
White Washing Cream: 20g (tube)
Medicated Lotion [Quasi-Drug]: 24mL (bottle)
Whitening Emulsion [Quasi-Drug]: 28mL (bottle)

1. Kosé Sekkisui Cleansing Oil

This set comes with cleansing oil, face wash, lotion, and emulsion. First thing first, the cleansing oil. I think this is a very, very decent cleansing oil. It removes all of my makeup though there is a trace of my waterproof mascara, but I admit that there are only a couple of cleansing oil that could remove the mascara that I currently use, which is the Majolica Majorca mascara. Nevertheless, I really like it. And from all of the set, I think this is the only one that I would repurchase if I had to choose.


2. Kosé Sekkisui White Washing Cream 

I didn’t get a chance to tested the pH of the washing cream, but I think it has quite a high pH, especially since most of Japanese drugstore face wash usually have high pH. Maybe because the current state of my skin is pretty balanced, I didn’t feel like it makes my skin tight afterward, however, there’s a squeaky clean feeling that made me suspicious that it has high pH. Other than that, it was quite okay, but didn’t really remarkable to be honest.


3. Kosé Sekkisui Brightening Lotion

I think it works pretty similar to any other Japanese light lotion i.e Hadalabo Gokyujun Lotion, yet if I’m not mistaken, this is one of the most popular product amongst the line. Well, it’s just okay, it hydrates your skin just like a proper hydrating toner would do. It’s light, and you totally could layer it, but really, nothing that I would repurchase, I think.

4. Kosé Sekkisui Brightening Emulsion 

I honestly didn’t get a chance to try the emultion because I had a sudden makeup job which requires me to bring this set to prep the model’s skin before makeup. Well, when I apply it to the model, it hydrates their skin really well, and they told me that it feels cold and refreshing. So, hmm, I think it’s quite decent especially when it comes with affordable price. My guess? It works pretty similar to any Hada Labo Gokyujun Moisturizer Milk.


Well, I honestly think there’s nothing wrong from this set. They are not disappointing, yet they are not really remarkable as well. But, they work fine as a basic skin care, and judging from the size, it’s such a travel friendly set. Not a set that I would repurchase in full size, but if I happened to forget to bring my skin care set upon traveling, I would totally buy this set as emergency skin care.

So, have you tried this set? What do you think? Please do share it with me in the comment section below! 😉


2 thoughts on “[TESTED SAMPLES] Kosé Sekkisui Skin Care Set OG

  1. Funny how affordabLe they are in Japan but so expensive here..
    I received a sampLe of Junkisui (the green series) Foaming Wash and I am in Love.. but I couLdn’t find them anywhere when I went to Japan and I don’t want to sheLL out 300K++ for a faciaL wash =’D


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