Beauty in Retrospect: Year 2018

Happy New Year everyone! Believe me, I won’t be going “New Year, New Me” in this post, lol. Not going to do that since it’s not only cliché, I sometimes hate to be seen like everyone else, lol. #hipster. Well, I certainly post everything that I wanted to achieve back then in 2018, and hmm, let’s see if I achieve them or not! And also, I’m going to talk about any beauty-related stuff that impacted me the most in 2019. Well, let’s jump right in!


1.No buy until the end of February 2018!

Lol. This resolution. I think I kinda succeed on this mission that until I visit Bangkok with my family by the end of February. Not to mention it was my birthday month. Therefore, cheers to more justification on forgetting the shopping ban. LOL!

Nevertheless, I admit that I overshopped even more in 2019. Especially when I had so many opportunities to have business trip in 2018 (Again, couldn’t be more grateful for all of the opportunities last year, Thank you, God!), and of course, I couldn’t be going home empty-handed. Therefore, I promise to myself, I wouldn’t be over shopping in 2019. It will be unrealistic to have #Nobuy in 2019 since at some point I realized that I don’t have enough stock for night cream and eye cream to last over in 2019, so I will be limiting myself to solely purchase only the things that are necessary.


2. Explore more drugstore / affordable beauty products!

Well, I think I was kinda succeed with this mission? Except, while I also discovering lots of new drugstore brand, I’m also guilty to tried and tested lots of expensive brand. *sigh* Well, at least I’m no longer curious to try Drunk Elephant, NIOD, Blithe, and Biossance. Again, I will be limiting myself to purchase the necessaries and preferably, affordable. Hello again, Hadalabo my first love? 

3. Eat healthily!

Super duper guilty for this one. I ate lots of sugar this year. I admit my healthy lifestyle was kinda a mess in 2018. I have an eating disorder due to many stressful events, therefore, I promised myself to back to my old normal eating habits. No binge eating, no stress eating, no stressful life. Cheers to a more balanced life in 2019!


4. Work out routinely

This, also the thing that I was guilty. Well, I think I workout more this year than in 2016 or 2017, but because of my messy eating habits, the work out is didn’t really help. I am blessed that by the last semester of 2019, I don’t have any major skin issues despite my messy lifestyle, but of course it will be impact my health in the long run. So, again, cheers to a more balanced lifestyle in 2019!

5. Find Menard Tsukika Lotion Moist more affordable substitute

This is the thing that I consider successful. I don’t think that I use Menard Tsukika Lotion at all in 2019. I think it’s a good thing since 1) Menard is rather expensive and 2) Sadly, they no longer available in Indonesia. I have a lot of Japanese hydrating toner recommendation that really help to make my skin balanced, which I will be talking about in near future!


6. Play with more actives!

I also consider myself successful in this category.  I played with BHA, Mandelic Acid, and Vitamin C this year! And I have to say that my skin prefer Mandelic Acid, especially the one from Dr.Wu compared to other actives that I used so far in my life. Drunk Elephant’s Vitamin C and Biossance’s Vitamin C also doing good for my skin, but I think Mandelic Acid showed more instant result compared to the other actives.


As for the beauty related stuff that impacted me the most in 2018, I have a few of them:

Most of the famous Japanese hydrating toner works pretty much the same for my skin.

I’m not saying that this is bad, it’s quite the contrary actually. Since I said in point 5 that I’ve found a lot of hydrating toner recommendation that helped my skin situation this year without Menard, well, that’s surely saying something. However, after trying Sana Nameraka Honpo, Hada Labo, Keana Nadeshiko toner, and lots of others, I have to say that they work pretty much similar for my skin. Therefore, if you happen to visit Japan, I suggest you to buy their recommended drugstore hydrating toners. Not only affordable, but it will also be doing good for your skin.


Maybe facial oil is not my HG skin care step?

To meet a facial oil that confuse my skin, from my favorite facial oil brand Trilogy, nonetheless, was a slap in face for me. I reminded that skin care will work differently to each person, and well… I have to admit that even if you can somehow make things works, there’s a lot of aspects that makes you realize that no, not everything will work for your skin.

Stress-free life is goal.

Once, I have a health problem back in 2017, a minor health issues, and the doctor said that stress is the root to any health problem. And my health problem was caused by stress. And I realized that in 2018, stress leads me to bad eating habits, unfocus life, pimples, and ugh, eye bags. Therefore, my simple wish for 2019 is to have stress-free life. Amen.

Well, I think that’s all from my beauty retrospect. What happened in your life in 2018 that impacted your beauty habits? Please do share with me in the comment section below! 😉




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