2018 #3 HAUL: TOKYO TRIP Part 1

I couldn’t be more thankful to God and the universe that I have so many opportunities this year, and that’s included my recent work trip to Tokyo last November 2018, which I will explain in a separate post, I promise! 🙂 So, I was invited to fashion festival event in Tokyo to showcase my work, and of course, Amanda being Amanda, I will make time for short trips to the nearest drugstore, lol!

If two years ago I purchased a lot of must-buy in Japan from a lot of blogs recommendation, this time around, I purchased almost anything that I’ve been eyeing for a while and anything interesting that catches my eyes, lol.


1.Okome No Masuku Rice Mask

Honestly speaking, I don’t even know how to read this product, lollll. Therefore, because it’s full of Japanese letters, I relied on my friend that could speak Japanese, and according to her it reads Okome No Masuku Rice Mask. However, she didn’t even sure that it’s right, lol. Therefore, if you know how to read it, please let me know in the comment section below! 🤣🤣🤣 Nevertheless, the super cute packaging is speaking to me, hence the reason why I bought it in the first place, lol.

2. Moist, Diane Extra Damage Repair Shampoo & Treatment

Remember that I freaking love Moist, Diane Hair Moisturizing Spray? I really want to try their shampoo and conditioner, but I know that most Japanese hair products is very bulky and I couldn’t bring it back to Indonesia because I bring a lot of stuff for my work, and then I spotted this sample size products in the nearest Family Mart! I already tried it, and I have to say, I really, really like it! It smells amazing and really moisturizing for my dry hair. I wish it would be exported to Indonesia at a friendly price so I could purchase it locally, lol.


3. Skin Aqua Tone Up UV

I freaking love the Skin Aqua UV sunscreen that I used before, therefore I’m really excited to try this rather new products from Skin Aqua, which is their Skin Aqua Tone Up UV! Honestly speaking, there’s a lot of new UV products in Tokyo that I’ve never spotted before, but a lot of interesting products that I spotted is tinted sunscreen, which is not my preferable products when it comes to sunscreen because I still have a lot of foundations in my vanity that I need to finish, lol.

4. Kiss Me Heroine Make Eyeliner

I initially rather skeptical to try this eyeliner because I used to wear other types of Heroine Make eyeliner, which comes in felt tip form, but when I checked the sample in the drugstore, I noticed that it comes in brush pen tipe, which is my favorite type of eyeliner. Plus, it holds the Cosme #1 label, which is one of my trusted label when it comes to purchased beauty products in Japan, lol.

5. Argelan St. John’s Wort Apricot Organic Certified Moist Deep Skincare Oil

Spotted this interesting brand in Matsukiyo Plus Ginza (REALLY FREAKING LOVE THE CONCEPT OF THIS STORE!). You see, if you had visit Japanese drugstore before, you must be understand how unappealing the product display on most Japanese drugstore, unlike the interesting concepts of Korean Drugstore like say, Olive Young, or Watsons in China or South East Asia. And this new Matsukiyo Plus have the similar concept to Olive Young, and carry a lot of interesting products that I’ve never seen in regular Matsukiyo before! And this brand is one of them. I initially want to purchase their serum, but I just remember that I’m running out of facial oil, hence the reason why I ended up purchasing this one.


6. Flowfushi Lip 38C <+1C Swirl>

I think by now, there’s no doubt that Flowfushi remains one of my favorite Japanese brand ever. Their packaging and branding is very beautiful, and their products always satisfy me. Therefore, I always excited to try their new proudcts, and this Flowfushi Lip 38C <+1C Swirl> is one of my purchased from their brand along with so many, lol. They have other types of the Lip38C, but I think this Swirl one is their newest one.

7. Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation

Finally! After two years ago I decided not to purchase this Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation, which is a great decision now that I think about it since I purchased a hell lot of new foundation and cushions in 2016 and I need almost 2,5 years (yes, I still have 2 refills of cushions that I haven’t finished, lol) to finish it. Since my favorite MUFE Face & Body finally come to an end, I think it’s perfect to replace it with one of the foundation that I’ve been curious to try for yearsssss! Hopefully it would work well for my skin! Finger crossed!

8. Love Liner Liquid Eyeliner True Black

I remember that back in 2014 I wouldn’t hear anyone opinion regarding the best Japanese liner since I still stand by my favorite Dolly Wink eyeliner (which I never repurchased again since 2015 since it cost crazy in Indonesia, lol!). And I always remember that a few people swear by this Love Liner eyeliner. Since I almost never had any issues with pen brush liquid eyeliner from Japan and I need something new, into the basket it was! 😉


9.Kaiteki Guard Nodo Uruoi Nure Mask, Fragrance of Herb and Eucalyptus

I remember that one of local influencer that I followed swear by Japanese mask. Since I often go to places by motorbikes here in Indonesia, I think it’s brilliant to use this mask to avoid the pollution smell in the streets, lol.

10. Sara Sara Powder Smooth, Dry and Silky Deodorant

I really like the stick type deodorant since it keeps body odor at bay (LOL), and since I will be having IPL Treatment that makes me should avoid stick type deodorant, I purchased this powder type of the same brand that I loved. (Thank God I found this product in Matsukiyo Plus since I couldn’t find it in anywhere else!)


11. Lavender Mama Butter Face Cream Mask Rich

Purchased this one also because of the local influencer that swears by it and OH-MY-GOD. This is had to be one of my favorite sheet mask ever!!!! It’s just that good. Also I could only find it in Matsukiyo Plus. Will review it in separate post! ❤


12. Lavender Mama Butter Face Cream Mask Pure

Haven’t try this variant yet, but I have a lot of hopes since the other one is working so, so well for my skin!!

13. 3CE x Maison Kitsuné Mirror

I always wanted to purchase something from the collaboration of 3CE and Maison Kitsuné. However, since I didn’t really like 3CE Makeup for one reason or another (lol), and I avoid to purchased more makeup since I have a lot to finish already, I opted to purchase this mirror because I always needs small mirror for touch ups.

14. Flow Fushi Area Foundy Cover

Yet another one from Flow Fushi! I initially want to purchase their cushion foundation. But then, I remember that I already purchased the Koh Gen Do, and I still have 2 remining cushion refills, therefore I decided to purchased their foundy cover instead. Which basically is a concealer, lol. I finished my NARS Concealer and only have the Bourjois Concealer that I currently use, therefore I think it’s a nice decision to purchase this one.


15. SCALP-D BEAUTÉ Pure Free Eyelash Serum

I initially want to purchase Flow Fushi Eyelash Serum since it’s rather new product. However, I noticed that this is the OG best selling eyelash serum in Japanese Drugstore, therefore I purchased this one. Currently been using this one, hopefully it would work wonderfully on me!


16. K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Strong Eyeliner 24h

I’ve tried various K-Palette Eyeliner before, and they said that it is their latest one, and the most longwearing one. I think this product is a hit, since I could only found this last pieces (seriously!) in Shinjuku Matsukiyo, the one in front of BigClo (Big Camera x Uniqlo). Wheeps, let’s see if it worth the hype!

17. ARGELAN Organic Certified Moist Lotion Enrich Algae Reef Neroli

Another one from ARGELAN brand. This is basically a hydrating toner I think. Well, since I consider hydrating toner is the safest product to try first from a new brand, I always purchased hydrating toner first if I want to try a new brand before I tried anything else, lol. Which…. I think is a horrible decision because I ended up with 5 unopened hydrating toner and 2 opened one, lol. 😂😂😂

18. Kobayashi Medi-Shield Liquid Bandage

I always see everyone (especially mothers) always stocked up this product for their family members. Considering I easily got small cuts everytime I wear certain bag, I decided to purchased this one, lol. Will surely review it later!


19. Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Mild Milk for Sensitive Skin

I have a bad experience with other types of Anessa before, hence the reason why I only purchased this new Mild Milk one in the travel size, lol. Well, let’s see how it differs from the regular one. 😂😂😂

20. Mochitto Mochi Mochi Face Wash

I randomly found this cute product in Instagram before and read how it also performs quite well. Therefore, when I spotted this product that also comes with affordable price… Into the basket it was, lol!

21. Flow Fushi Mote Mascara Impact

Another product from Flow Fushi, I know, lol! I stocked up a lot of new mascaras from Flow Fushi since I always love their products. And this one is the Long & Volume one.


22. Shiseido Aqualabel Sheet Mask

My friend swears by this product. She said this product noticeably brightened up her tired skin in short time. Well, since I’ve always curious to try Aqualabel (she also swears by Aqualabel and use this blue line) I think it’s a nice decision to try their sheet mask first. (Thank God I choose sheet mask instead of hydrating toner, though, lol!)

23. Sara Sara Deodorant Powder Smooth, Dry, and Silky

24. SANA Namerakahonpo Plumping Eye Cream

Remember how I love my SANA Namerakahonpo Wrinkle Eye Cream? Surprise, surprise, one of my favorite Japanese product ever released their new eye cream, which is this SANA Namerakahonpo Plumping Eye Cream. It comes with denser texture rather than the Wrinkle Eye Cream one, but I still don’t have any opinion as for now. Will update you guys later in a separate post!
Well, this is my first part of the haul, will update you guys later with the second part of the haul! See you later and happy holidays!




5 thoughts on “2018 #3 HAUL: TOKYO TRIP Part 1

  1. Oh wow what a hauL! Looking forward for the reviews, and hopefully everything will work fine for you 😀
    About that Okome no Mask, the brand is Mayuchan, and they also have Okome no Nama Mask, which is a wash-off type mask.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey I really like your reviews on Japanese makeup products! Your pictures are nice and clean too! Anyway, I am really interested in getting Flowfushi Lip 38C


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind comments! 🙏♥️✨. Your comment literally made my day 😊😊😊. You really had to try it! I haven’t opened mine because I need to finish other lip products first but I see that a lot of people been loving it ✨✨


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