[REVIEW] Utama Spice Tamanu Oil


Maybe at this point you already bored when I said that facial oil is one of my life-changing product. Well, though a few of my friends think that oil wasn’t work well for their skin, at least for me it works wonder. Hence the reason why I’ve always excited to try a new facial oil.

Therefore, when I discover this Utama Spice Tamanu Oil on my local drugstore, I was quite surprised because wow, local products do have their own version of Tamanu Oil? Moreover, it was sold at around ~$10? Okay, I’m sold! First of all, I always, always curious to try Tamanu Oil, especially ever since Liah Yoo mentioned that this specific ingredients work wonders for her acne prone skin, hence the reason why I didn’t think twice to throw this product into my shopping chart, lol.


I noticed that almost everyone that already tried Tamanu Oil been talking about its horrible scent. But, when I tried it, ehh, it’s not that bad, actually. It reminds me a lot of Indonesian local medicine’s scent. I don’t know if it’s Utama Spice’s doing to make it smells better, or it’s actually the true scent of Tamanu Oil because this is my first one.

It has green tinted colours that screams “medicine”, somehow, lol. I’m not surprised is anyone taken a back to try one because for a skin care beginner, because the colour is rather intimidating. But relax, because the colour will be gone after it absorbed into the skin. The texture is rather thick, and it adsorbed into the skin pretty fast.


I don’t see that it really help my skin condition because my skin was quite stable for the past year (Thank God!).However, this oil never breaks me out and it does help to stabilized my skin.

Will I repurchased this oil? Well. Yes, definitely. I even curious to try other oil and products by Utama Spice. Nevertheless, I do hope that they improve their packaging though. It could be better, really. Maybe the reason why the packaging gone bad is on my part because I carried it quite carelessly when I traveled, however, other packaging that I carry with me haven’t gone this bad, so… well, I personally think that they could be better, lol!


But other than that, I personally think that this product is quite perfect! The pricing is affordable, the size is pretty big compared to similar products from other brands, and the actual product works well on my skin!

So, have you tried anything from this Bali based brand before? Let me know in the comment section below! 


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