[REVIEW] Make Over Cliquematte Lip Stylo

Well, I think this year I rarely purchase new lipstick products compared to the last few years. And I have to say that though I kept forgetting to bring this lipstick together with me (I really need to learn to organize well, sigh), this Make Over Cliquematte Lip Stylo is one of my favorite lip product this year. So, what makes it so different to other lip products in the market? Let’s discuss it further.


[In Bahasa]

Make Over Cliquematte Lip Stylo menggunakan mekanisme clickpen, didesain khusus untuk memberikan kemudahan kepada penggunanya agar dapat mengontrol banyaknya lipstick yang ingin dikeluarkan sehingga dapat menghindari lipstick patah serta melindungi produk agar tetap higienis. Hasil akhir matte namun tetap nyaman digunakan.

– Olesan ringan dan lembut, serta tidak membuat bibir kering
– Tidak terasa lengket di bibir
– Memberikan hasil warna natural dan buildable instensity pada bibir
– Packaging unik berbentuk clickpen: memudahkan dalam mengontrol keluarnya lipstick, menghindari terjadinya lipstick patah, menjaga produk tetap higienis
– Bentuk packaging yang slim dengan ujung slanted-elips membuat aplikasi lebih mudah dan precise, terutama pada ujung area bibir.


Honestly speaking, I don’t think that Make Over is the first brand that come out with this clickpen concept, I think some Korean brand already release their own clickpen lipstick a while ago (perhaps it’s Aritaum? Or A’Pieu?). Nevertheless, in Indonesia, Make Over still the first one who come out with this concept. So, really, in terms of the concept I don’t think that it’s that revolutionary.

However, the texture of this lipstick is really, really unique. I have dry lips that need to be applied with lip balm every minute in my life, and I have love-hate relationship with any bullet lipstick because the formula tends to be very tricky. And when I heard lots of review regarding this lipstick that have “powdery” texture, I honestly a little bit skeptical. Buttttt it turned out that the formula of this lipstick is pretty unique!


So it glides smoothly into the lips, it does have powdery texture, but it never settles into my lip line, and dries very smooth. And it’s very, very lightweight as well. The formula, albeit it dries matte and have powdery texture, it didn’t dry up your lips. Sure, the downside of it is the fact that it didn’t have a long staying power. But really, you wouldn’t mind to reapply it because the formula is very nice to apply, plus the packaging is pretty chic!


Considering the price (around ~$9), it sure have one of the most chicest packaging in the market. It has this chic, black packaging and you simply just click the pen before you apply it into your lips. You can’t click it back, though, so make sure to click it enough for one application to avoid the lipstick to be broken.

And let’s talk about this specific Eclair shades! Isn’t it so lovely and very wearable for daily use? If brown nude is your go-to colour, I’m pretty sure that you would in love with this shades as well! Well, all in all, I’m pretty impressed with this Make Over Cliquematte Lip Stylo. It’s affordable and pretty good! I’m sure lots of people would love this particular lip product.

So, have you tried this product before? Please do share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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