[REVIEW] Dejavu Lasting Fine Eyeliner

If you know me, you would probably know that 90% of the time, I would never leave the house without my signature cat eye eyeliner ever since 2012. And after lots of trial and error, I finally decided that my ideal eyeliner usually comes from Japan. Of course I just have to try it whenever I spotted new products from “The Best Japanese Eyeliner” every year from wherever media that recommends it. It would be perfect if its also holds “No. 1 Best Cosme awards”.


And whenever I spotted the best Japanese eyeliner, I always see this particular Dejavu eyeliner on their list. Of course, me being me, I just had to try this one, or else it will haunt me on my sleep, lol. It has the similar price point to other famed Japanese liners such as K-Palette or Cathy Doll, which for me is the perfect pricing. However, the mark ups whenever it exported to other countries is quite bothersome for me, though. In Japan, it’s around  $15 dollar, and when it sold overseas, it’s usually sold around $20.


In terms of packaging, I think this one have one of the best packaging if I’m going to compare it to Cathy Doll or K-Palette. Flow Fushi still holds the best packaging for me, though, because this Dejavu one usually comes with bright colours such as pink and blue (different kinds have different packaging).  It comes with brush liners similar to K-Palette and Flow Fushi, which my favorite kinds of liners.


In terms of opaqueness, I don’t think that this is the blackest eyeliner that I’ve ever tried, but still, if I’m going to compare it to western liners, this is much much better. It has the decent opaqueness, but I noticed that this eyeliner is very very easy to dry out, which is the thing that made me taken a back from this eyeliner. I noticed that just in 2 weeks time, the eyeliner is started to dry out.


Well, in terms of actual application and longevity, I have to say that this eyeliner is certainly not my favorite. I hate those kinds of eyeliner that would flaked off whenever I try to smoothen out the line. It did that, and it would go worse and worse when it started to dry out. This eyeliner also smudged on my under eye after several hours. So, no. I don’t think that I would repurchase this one.


So, have you tried this eyeliner before? What do you think? Do you have other eyeliner recommendation for me? Please do share it in the comment section below! 😉


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