[REVIEW] Moist, Diane Scalp Essence Mist Type Extra Fresh & Hydrate


I don’t know why, but I feel like dry shampoo didn’t feel enough for me whenever I need S.O.S for my oily hair. It would just give me a temporary lift to my hair for about 1-2 hours, and then nothing. Probably because I also have dry scalp and dry shampoo would always give me residue that would end up with dandruff if I’m not careful. Yeah, I would easily get dandruff if my scalp is getting super dry, hence the reason why I always live for hair mask and/or scalp conditioner.


So, back in April, when I was strolling around in between of my work looking for hidden gems in Singapore’s drugstore (I forgot if it’s Watsons or Guardian), I spotted this particular product. Moist, Diane Scalp Essence Mist Type Extra Fresh & Hydrate. Hmm, interesting. Do I need this? Could this be the saviour to my dry scalp? It’s like the antithesis of dry shampoo. Yes, it promises to give you the same result, but through a different approach. Since I always fancy Japanese product and it’s not that expensive, so into the basket it goes. 😉



Bursting with natural nourishment, Diane is a revolution in hair care. Diane awakens and makes the scalp healthy while repairing the hair from within. Dreams of lustrous, shiny hair become reality. This latest technology is in demand for hair care innovation


Unfortunately, though I could find information regarding Moist, Diane online, I couldn’t find the specific information regarding this specific product. In general, they carry three lines of hair care; Extra Straight, Extra Shine, and Extra Damage. All of their products seems interesting, especially the Extra Damage one. I really want to try the hair mask and the hair oil!

Well, back to this Moist, Diane Scalp Essence Mist Type Extra Fresh & Hydrate. In the ingredient list, I spotted ingredients like Tea Tree that could be working well to combat germs that could lead to dandruff. The application is pretty simple, you could just spray it into your scalp, let it sink in and dry, et voila, your scalp would be significantly less oily but didn’t feel sahara dry if you know what I meant. Also, the smell is really, really nice, it’s really fresh and would instantly give your hair “freshly showered” scent.


Well, all in all, I really like this Moist, Diane Scalp Essence Mist Type Extra Fresh & Hydrate. I know not everyone would seem interested in this product especially if you already head over heels with dry shampoo. But for people with dry scalp like me, this product is really a life saviour! Plus, a little goes a long way, and this product is pretty affordable. This product made me want to try other products from Moist, Diane, indeed!

So, have you encountered this product before? What do you think? Please do share it with me in the comment section below! 😉


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