[REVIEW] KAIE Beauty Lip Mousse


Once I had this conversation with my friend that nowadays the Indonesian local beauty industry is already improved to be so much better. The branding, the quality, the price point is just so perfect and made us lean more towards local products these days. I don’t even remember when was the last time I purchased foreign brand’s lip products. Well, I did purchase Shu Uemura lipstick a couple months ago because the shade just speaking to me, lol. But before that, I think the last time that I bought imported brands is the Kat Von D liquid lipstick. And it was back in early 2017. Wow. I even prefer the formulation of lipstick from a couple of local brands rather than the foreign one.

And one of those brands that I prefer in terms of formulation, packaging, and branding is this KAIE Beauty Lip Mousse. What’s so good about it? Let’s jump right in!


Lip Mousse No. 1
As easy to wear and equally simple hint of dreamy brown makes this dynamic neutral a thousand times more impactful in real life. The color is perfect to be used on its own or to be layered to tone down any darker color. In short, it goes well with anything or nothing at all….

Lip Mousse No. 3
The adventurous red anemone with deep purple added hue. The possibility is endless with this energizing red-deep purple combo. For the risk-takers and statement-makers in you, come out and fully embrace!

Like all KAIE Beauty’s Lip mousse, this shade contains a creamy and powdery formula that is easy to blend and mix with other lip mousse colors to achieve endless variations shades that is personalized to each of your daily beauty needs.

Formulated with : Vitamin E, Moisturizer, Antioxidant and UV Protection


If you follow me for a while, you must know that I love to make gradient lips with nude tone as a base and burgundy color on top of it. My favorite combination is the BLP Beauty Butter Fudge and Burnt Cinnamon, but surprisingly, I also love the combination and the texture of this KAIE Beauty Lip Mousse in No. 1 and 3. The texture is moussy, very suitable with its name, easily blended into the lips and moisturizing. I even don’t find the need to wear my lip balm beforehand whenever I want to touch up this lipstick! It’s definitely saying something since my lips is very dry.

The only downside of this lip product is the fact that it would gone the minute you eat something. Well, yes, I know that staying power and moisturization is something that you have to choose in formulating a lip product. You just can’t have both. But, I personally think that it’s not too much work to reapply it. Plus, you could always show off the chic packaging to everyone whenever you retouch your lipstick.


I also love the whole branding and packaging of this brand. It’s very chic, pretty idealistic and unique. They used to have the special packaging with pretty dried flowers and they launched this brand with very artsy exhibition a while ago. Though the actual black and gradation packaging is not something new in the market (I think Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Lip Lacquer and a couple of other beauty brands also have similar packaging?) they are still made it up since the quality of the liquid lipstick and packaging is pretty good.

They might have a wee bit higher price if we’re going to compare it with other local brands, but I personally think that it is worth the price, especially considering that they are still cheaper than foreign brands and often comes with discount promotion. 😉


So, have you tried this KAIE Beauty Lip Mousse or any of Indonesian Beauty Brands before? Do share your thoughts with me, especially if you have other recommendation for me to try. Let me know in the comment section below! 

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