Weekly Favorites: 10/9/2018

I doubt myself to be able to post favorites post more often so I will make this ~new~ kind of post once every blue moon. ūüėČ This post is kind of inspired by outofmythoughts’s favorite post that also mentioned her favorites outside of skin care and beauty products, which really refreshing to go out of beauty topics even though this is a beauty blog, hehe. So, let’s get it started!


1.Drunk Elephant C Firma Day Serum

Let’s started it with beauty products, shall we? Hehe. This product is hands down one of my favorite products this year. Suuuuper pricey, I know, not everyone could afford it, even I won’t repurchase it because of the super expensive price tag; but boy oh boy, this serum is really that good. It would significantly lighten your hyper pigmentation, new acne scars, etc. It’s just works! Also, it smells like orange, and the packaging is super cute. What’s not to love?


Cr: Elisa Cabot, via The Paris Review

2. Milan Kundera’s The Art of the Novel

I was introduced to Milan Kundera by my friend last year, but I just decided to read his book earlier this year and damn, why I’ve never read his books sooner? His books are such a classic, full of words of wisdom yet not dictate you, it’s even flowing along with the¬†storyline beautifully. And this book specifically talks about Kundera’s view of novels¬†and its authors such as¬†Rabelais, Cervantes, Sterne, Diderot, Flaubert, Tolstoy, and Musil. He even talks about his own works, includes his views on the role of historical events in fiction, the meaning of action, and the creation of character in the post-psychological novel which really interesting and such an eye-opener!


Cr: Netflix via Vox

3. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

I know, I’m more of a highly rated-critically acclaimed movies kinda of girl, but a girl gotta watch a rom-com movies sometimes, lol!!! I honestly really hesitant to watch this movie (at first, I even thought that this was series, lol). Probably because Netflix’s original romantic comedy movies¬†don’t really have high ratings and good reviews. But since literally everyone in my timeline watch this movie, and my friend keep recommend this movie to me, I ended up watching it, and well…. can we just say that it’s safe to say that I already re-watched it for the 3-4 times already? Lol.

This movie is surpassed my expectation. It’s fresh and definitely a breath of the fresh air. It kinda reminds me of Easy A¬†during the time it was released. And Lana Condor definitely have a similar vibe with Emma Stone on Easy A in this movie (hopefully she will have a similar future with Stone as well!). Plus,¬†Noah Centineo shares the similar vibe with Mark Ruffalo, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth combined. Very, very cute and recommended if you are searching for a light movie to watch! Not to mention, it is very well executed!

4. Dr. Wu Intensive Renewal Serum With Mandelic Acid 18%

Okay, back to beauty topics. But can we stop here and appreciate how good this serum is? ¬†I just started to use this serum for like, 2-3 weeks, but Oh My God, this serum delivers way more result than any other exfoliant product that I’ve ever tried! Though it didn’t break me out and works pretty well in terms of daily or weekly exfoliation, I personally think that in terms of fading dark spots, Sunday Riley Good Genes, The Ordinary Lactic Acid, and Pixi Glow Tonic didn’t do much. But this serum? During the first try, I can significantly see how it fading my dark spots. And combining this serum for PM and Drunk Elephant C-Firma for day time just works wonders! And did I tell you? It cost a lot less expensive than the Good Genes! Will definitely write full review regarding this serum in the future!


Cr: Shu Uemura

5. Shu Uemura x Yazbukey Supreme Matte in Choco Crush

I initially really didn’t interested in this collaboration. Especially that nowadays¬†I prefer less colourfull packaging, lol. However, ever since one of local blogger mentioned that this is her favorite lipstick from Shu Uemura and when I tried it by myself on Sephora, I just made the purchase rightaway, lolololol. I love that it complements my skin tone, how I didn’t need to apply lip balm beforehand (I have severe dry lips, and I this lipstick never dries my lips out!), and how easy to reapply this! Much love for this lipstick!


Cr: Nourish the Day

6. Coconut water coffee

So my friend’s sister just opened her new coffeeshop near my house recently and I came and tried this coconut water coffee. I love to try new intriguing things, I know! Lol. But, OMG, this was such a life changing moment for me! The coffee taste sooooo freaking good and I don’t have any idea that coconut water and espresso could work well together! I tried to replicate the recipe at home (not as good as hers, though), but still, this is definitely my new go-to iced coffee mixed these days!

7. Mie Yamin Roti Gempol

I’ve recently visit Bandung for a short business trip and I was having this for dinner. I’ve never tried it before even if I went for college in Bandung for 4 years, lol. Well, to be fair this place is famous for its toast, not for its noodle, but since I was hungry and really craving for yamin (noodle with sweet soy sauce based), I went for it. And, God, this has to be the best yamin that I’ve ever tried. And it’s cheap. And the homemade noodle is just sooooo good, lol, I don’t know it’s because I was so hungry the noodle taste even more tasty or not, but since my friend keep saying that “yeah it’s good because they make their own noodle from scratch” I think it’s pretty much a solid validation(?) Lol. So, if you happened to visit Bandung, I highly recommend you to try this dish!

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