[REVIEW] Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Aqua Booster SPF50+ PA++++


Literally, almost every beauty guru that I’ve followed love this sunscreen so much that they keep saying that it’s as good as the-everyone’s-holy-grail-but-me Shiseido Sunscreen. However, they also admit that even though it’s pretty much the similar to each other, we couldn’t say this it’s a dupe since the price is pretty much the same, though slightly, verrrrry slightly cheaper.

Well, Anessa is Shiseido’s sister brand. It offers you slightly cheaper skin care products from Shiseido main brand. Perhaps it’s like IOPE, HERA and Hanyul from Amorepacific. However, from my super dense research from the Internet, I think Anessa only specialized in sunscreen products. To quote their brand’s description from Shiseido group’s website about Anessa:

A sunscreen brand that has secured the top slot* in sales for the 16th consecutive year in Japan. Available in Japan and several Asian countries, ANESSA’s unique technology keeps skin soft even after exposing to harsh UV rays. Gold ANESSA is designed for swimming and Silver ANESSA, for outdoor sports.


ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen Aqua Booster is a Japanese sunscreen milk for water activities. The sunscreen milk features the strongest and most long-lasting UV protection in the Anessa lineup. It is formulated with Aqua Booster technology, which reacts with the minerals in sweat and water upon contact to create an even more uniform and stronger protective veil. It also uses Shiseido’s proprietary “Light Stamina” technology which releases the energy from UV light as heat to ensure more long-lasting stable protection.
Ideally suited for the beach and other outdoor water activities, it provides super durable and powerful protection even when you sweat or swim.

Skins comfortable and silky smooth.
For the face and body.
Resistant to water, sweat, and sebum.
Removable with a face wash or soap.
Light Floral Fragrance


I got this from either Boots or Watsons in Bangkok (both sell this product if I’m not mistaken), and it appears that the Aqua Booster line from Anessa’s sunscreen is discontinued and replaced by Perfect UV Sunscreen line that being launched this 2018. Maybe they haven’t distributed it to their overseas distributor by the time I went to Bangkok last February, but as for now, I think almost all of South East Asian country that carry Anessa (i.e: Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore) already sell the newest version of the sunscreen.


Well, I’ve got to be honest that sadly, this sunscreen didn’t work out for me. Honestly upon the very first impression, I thought that this sunscreen would be the best sunscreen that I’ve ever tried. It’s lightweight, don’t have any white cast, absorb really fast and smoothen the skin (well, most of Japanese sunscreen also works as a primer, tho).

However, it irks me that it settles on my fine lines — even the fine lines that I didn’t realize that it does exist. I’ve tried combined it with several foundations; well it didn’t work either. Especially with Kate Powderless Liquid Foundation (That I hate to begin with. I kinda hope that the combination of two negativities could magically work together??), Oh My God, that was pure disaster. My base looks like little tiny dots and everything and I was on an informal event. Thank God my friends never mentioned it and let it slide. 😦

The only thing that perhaps could work together with this Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Aqua Booster SPF50+ PA++++ is Make Up For Ever Step 1 Smoothing Primer. However, I sometimes think that it was quite a hassle to put a primer before my foundation, so I tend to skip it. Therefore, I ended up using this sunscreen whenever I didn’t have to put on makeup. One thing that made me grateful, though… Thank God it didn’t break me out and didn’t have that horrible white cast like the Shiseido one. At least I could use it whenever I’m staying at home.


At this point, I think my skin hated Shiseido group’s sunscreen formulation. I mean, I already tried the two most famous, and most expensive sunscreen from their line up. And neither working out for me. So… should I bid farewell to the Shiseido group’s sunscreen? I haven’t experiment much from their other brand’s skincare though so I couldn’t say much for other products other than sunscreen. I love their makeup products (NARS, Majolica Majorca, Laura Mercier, Clé de Peau? Come on!), and though I have to give up with their sunscreen lineup, I still have a lot to explore. Please let me know if you have product recommendation from Shiseido group for me!

Lastly, even if it didn’t work out for me, so many people love and raved this specific sunscreen. So, if you happened to love Shiseido’s original sunscreen, I guess you would love this one too! It’s slightly cheaper than the Shiseido one and for me, the texture is much, much better. Sigh, if only it would work better on my skin, I would ranked it as the best sunscreen of the year…

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