Februaryth’s Frequently Asked Questions

After years of blogging, I just realized that I’ve never ever write F.A.Q page! I am quite shocked, honestly, though I don’t know if anyone, in particular, would love to read my F.A.Q page, lol! However, since there are lots of questions from my own friends regarding skin care and beauty lately, I would like to create one just in case anyone been wondering too! So, let’s get it started!


1. You reviewed a lot of product in your blog, do you actually tried it all by yourself?

Wow, I didn’t realize that anyone actually thinks that I lied or writing fictional reviews, let alone my own friends. 😆 Maybe in real life, I didn’t look like a person who obsessed with skincare, especially to my friends that only meet me once every blue moon, but people that meet me often, they must be know that I am pretty much crazy with skin care and yes, I did purchase and tried everything that I reviewed in this blog by myself.

Well, in fact, not everything that I tried made the cut to be written in this blog. I am far from skincare guru, influencers, and beauty vloggers and bloggers, but I am honoured that I got asked by lots of my friends, even my friend that used to work as beauty reporter in a well-known female magazine here in Indonesia about skincare. I might not a professional, but I am glad if I could help anyone especially if it would make an improvement to their skin! 🙂


2. Do you still use the products that you used to rave back then?

Here’s the thing. If I only want to find the perfect skin care routine and stick to the same routine and products until I got old and die, I wouldn’t make this blog in the first place. I love experimenting, especially trying new, interesting products that being raved in the beauty community and social media. But that doesn’t mean that I think that the products that I used to rave back then and didn’t repurchased are bad. In fact, I still use lots of affordable products that I raved until now, such as Hada Labo Light Lotion and Dove Facial Cleanser. 

More often than not, my whole reason for not repurchasing a product that I raved is because 1) It’s freaking expensive. (i.e: SU:M37 MRCS), 2) It got discontinue (i.e: Banila Co. Mr Honey and Miss Flower Moisturizer), 3) I’ve repurchased it so many times and I just want to try other new interesting product on the market. (i.e: Hada Labo Perfect 3D Gel), 4) I want to finish the new skin care that I stocked up first before it went bad (usually the ones that I purchased overseas).


3. Do you *seriously* purchased those expensive products?

Here’s a thing. Friends that actually know that I’m crazy about skincare must know that I prefer to purchase expensive skincare rather than food, lol. However, it’s rare to me to want repurchase expensive skincare brands like NIOD, Drunk Elephant, and Sunday Riley. I usually only tried them once out of curiousity. If it’s that good then, well, thankfully I’ve already tried them. No regrets because a price tag (more often than not) never lies. Usually, luxury skin care brands put so much effort in terms of branding and formulation to create a product, so if you have the budget, I recommend you to try one of the brands that I mentioned before because believe me, some of their products are just that good.


4. I want to try your current routine, too! Please give me your list!

Once I heard my best friend that has troubled skin tell me this, I was like, “Ow, wow, ok, calm down! Do your basics first!” New followers must not know that I, too, used to have troubled, dehydrated skin back then in 2015, and seriously, my skin won’t be improving unless I understand and applying skincare basic first. My current routine is way more flexible because I already understand the basic and my current skin condition is already stable. Therefore, before you experimenting with weird-to-pronounce products and wasting your money, please do read my articles regarding this topic here, especially if you are new to this game!

And remember: patience is key. Nothing is instant in skin care. You won’t get abs if you are working out just for a day, right? And that applies also in skincare. It took a minimum of 2 weeks for your skincare to be showing any result. So, remember, patience is key!


5. What is your favourite beauty brand?

I think it’s no longer a secret that I really love Hada Labo. I basically always recommending this particular brand to everyone, especially if they are new into skin care. Because their products are just working and affordable! Well, your miles may vary, though, skin care is very personal and I’m sad that one of my friends didn’t like this brand. But well, the majority of my friends always swear by this brand after I recommend it to them, though. So I highly recommend this brand to you guys, especially their Gokyujun line and their Perfect 3D Gel!

Aside from Hada Labo, I really like Hanyul, Fresh Beauty, SU:M 37, Sunday Riley, Grown Alchemist, and Drunk Elephant. I’ve been curious to try Tatcha, Indie Lee, Belif, and Krave Beauty, though. For makeup, I really like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Hourglass, Flow Fushi, NARS, and BLP Beauty.


6. Where do you buy your skin care products?

I understand that some of you might notice that I’ve always love to try skincare brands that almost unheard in Indonesia. Well, yeah, I really love to try cult beauty brands that being loved and raved in their origin country but the trend haven’t reach Indonesia yet. Dr. Wu, Hanyul, SU:M 37, Keana Nadeshiko, Flow Fushi, and Lanolips to name a few. Well, I’m lucky enough that this year I got a chance to visit a lot of overseas countries so I got to get it by myself. So, for the Australian brand and most Japanese brand, I got to purchase them by myself in Australia, Singapore and Bangkok. (Yeah, Bangkok, Malaysia, and Singapore do carry a lot of Japanese brands! So take a look at their drugstore if you happened to visit those countries!).

As for Korean brand, I used to purchased them directly through Tester Korea. However, since Indonesian regulation regarding skin care and makeup product is quite strict these days, I opted to use third party online seller. My recommendations are Ujongbilla, Bening Bersinar, and PS Korean Beauty. If you can handle a weebit higher markups but with ready stock items, you can try Hey Glow and Skin Juicery (they also carry lots of western cult beauty stuff such as Biossance, Elta MD, and Summer Fridays, though).


Well, I think as for now it’s enough for me. Do you have further question regarding me, my routine, or this blog? Please don’t be afraid to ask more in the comment section below! 



2 thoughts on “Februaryth’s Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Hi! As for Japanese skincare, I always stocked up products whenever I am fortunate enough to visit Tokyo/Bangkok/Singapore or ask my friend that travel to Japan.

      Yeah, I do realize that Japanese online sellers always sold the product with crazy markups, those are the reason why I never purchased something from them because I know how much is the original price, hehe. Guardian and Watsons in Singapore/Bangkok also have slight markup tho, not as cheap as in Tokyo, but still, it’s better than purchasing something from online seller, so make sure to ask your friends that travel to Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand next time! 🙂


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