Beauty Tools Cleansing: How often should you cleanse them?

It’s not a new topic, I know, lots of magazines and other beauty articles probably already mentioned it over and over again. However, this important topic seems like always be forgotten in your mind. Yeah, you already double cleanse, and put your skin care properly. You even eat clean and avoid sugar and dairy products. But why those little pimples keep appearing in your skin? Chances are, you forget to cleanse your makeup tools. 


1.Beauty Blender / Makeup Sponge

As a person who always prefer to use beauty blender to apply foundation, I definitely couldn’t avoid to cleanse my beauty blender / makeup sponges at least once a week. You can definitely see how dirty it is once used, so I will cleanse it over and over again. There are a few hacks to cleanse the beauty blender, but I ended up cleanse it with cleansing oil and regular soap. For a several makeup sponges, it’s hard to cleanse it squeaky clean like brand new (i.e this Innisfree Beauty Blender, probably because of the shape), but for me, at least I would try to cleanse it until the water is clear.  Well… if I’m being diligent I would cleanse it once every three days, but if I’m being lazy I would cleanse it once every week at max.


2. Powder Brush

In general, powder product would catch fewer germs rather than liquid products. But that doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t catch any germs, you have to clean it eventually. I rarely use powder, though, so I often forgot to cleanse my powder brush… I know, my bad 😛 So I often only cleanse my powder brush after a month. Ideally, you have to cleanse it once a week max though, especially if you use your powder brush every day.


3. Blush Brush

Similar with powder blush, you have to cleanse it at least once a week. I use my blush brush every day for blush, contour, and bronzer, but again, my bad, I often ended up only cleanse it once a month :”). I often spot cleanse it every other day though, so I’m not completely guilty, lol. But yeah, ideally you should cleanse it at least once a week.


4. Contour, Highlight, Setting Powder, and Eyeshadow Brushes.

In general, similar with other powder products, you should cleanse your contour, highlight, setting powder, and eyeshadow brushes at least once a week. However, for eyeshadow brushes, because I often change the colours for everyday uses, I tend to spot clean it every other day. I deep cleanse my brushes with cleansing oil and cleansing foam, while I’d like to use spray brush cleanser and cleansing wipes for spot cleansing.


So, how about you? Do you have any special tricks or hacks for cleansing your makeup tools? Please do share it in the comment section bellow. 😉


2 thoughts on “Beauty Tools Cleansing: How often should you cleanse them?

  1. I have never thought of using cleansing oil before. hm… will give that a try, thanks for sharing.

    No hacks from me at all. I am the traditional wash my brush weekly with brush cleanser sort of girl. I avoid sponges as much as possible. If I do use reusable sponge at all, I wash it at least 3 times a week (or straight after each use).


    1. The cleansing oil would help to remove the hidden gunks from sponge and brush! Since it takes me literally forever to use traditional olive oil like Michelle Phan do, I really prefer cleansing oil as its much easier to rinse! 😉

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