[REVIEW] The Saem Healing Green Tea Garden Cleansing Water

This product was known as Bioderma Sensibio H2O dupe in South Korea (well, at least according to one of Korean Beauty Vloggers that I followed). Since I love to use micellar water especially during traveling, I purchased this one out of curiosity, and actually the price wasn’t so bad, so I would like to give it a try. Is it worth the hype?


Product info in The Saem’s Website

The Saem Healing Green Tea Garden Cleansing Water is one of the most affordable cleansing water or micellar water in South Korea. In Korea, it’s only 4,400 won, which is around $4, the price might differ in other countries like in Indonesia, it’s around $9, which is still affordable if you’re going to compare it with Bioderma or even other brands since it’s quite large in size.


Well, how about the performance of the product itself? This product has a pretty standard performance, just like most micellar water, it would remove base makeup and non-waterproof makeup, but wouldn’t work for waterproof makeup. Like, at all. So you better prepare to use separate eye and makeup remover if you like to use waterproof makeup.

This product didn’t have any notable scent, so it’s quite good for a person like me that’s sensitive to fragrance. But, when I try to remove my eye makeup, this product stings quite a bit. So, even in the days where I don’t use waterproof makeup, I’d like to use separate makeup remover to remove my eye makeup.


Well, I guess you can guess that I wouldn’t want to repurchase this product. It’s not effective enough to remove my makeup, and I would rather use my trusted Garnier any time rather than this one because of the ability to remove my waterproof makeup as well. If I happened to live in South Korea, of course, this is such a super affordable micellar water and perhaps I would repurchase it over and over again given the cheap price tag. But, here in Indonesia, there is a lot of micellar water with the same price point, so, no. I wouldn’t repurchase it in near future.


2 thoughts on “[REVIEW] The Saem Healing Green Tea Garden Cleansing Water

  1. I just bought the White Tea and Tea Tree variant 3 days ago (thanks, Guardian) because I finaLLy used the Last drop of Bioderma Sebio. I have onLy tried the White Tea one, and.. yeah it’s fine – I don’t wear that much makeup anyway – but nowhere near Bioderma.


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