Wednesday Masking: Soap & Glory vs Faith in Face Sheet Mask


Bored of me kept saying that Faith in Face mask is much much better than Soap & Glory? Pardon me, but that part of me won’t be gone any time soon because, in this specific post, I will finally compare both brands! This is the time, girls! Head to head battle between Soap & Glory Party Recovery Radiance Boosting Mask and Faith in Face Prestige Platinum Mask! If you’re still interested, please keep reading!

Well, I’ve got to be honest that even if I’m slightly annoyed that Faith in Face is basically ripped off Soap & Glory’s branding, I’ve never been a fan of Soap & Glory products, honestly, probably because I found that their fragrance is way too strong in their products, and if you know me enough, I don’t really like fragranced products. Nevertheless, their cheeky branding never fails to lure me in to keep trying their products, especially their sheet masks.


1.Soap & Glory Party Recover Radiance Boosting Mask

Well, I probably isn’t being fair here, since I’m comparing Soap & Glory regular material sheet mask to Faith in Face Platinum mask technology. But, since I’ve also tried Faith in Face’s regular sheet mask, I will try to being as fair as possible, okay? First and foremost: the formulation. I have to be honest that even though I keep saying that I prefer Faith in Face formulation, Soap & Glory is far from horrible. It’s actually quite nice. Far beyond Innisfree and Etude House or any other Korean road shop brand’s formulation, in fact.


However, I think their formulation is pretty much comparable with Mediheal or Leaders regular sheet mask; while I think it’s pretty decent and quite good, it’s not enough to wowed me. It’s liquidy, hydrated my skin pretty well, but nothing more than that. I’ve tried their hydrogel eye mask in the past and it’s also quite blah. Brightening? Well… since I would never believe that a sheet mask could instantly brighten your skin, so, no.


2. Faith in Face Prestige Platinum Mask

Did you read my review on how awesome Faith in Face Prestige Gold Mask was? Well, this mask basically has a similar concept. But, instead of using gold foil, they use silver/platinum foil instead. I think their ingredients and formulation is also slightly different, though. Nevertheless, in the end, both masks have a similar effect and sensation in my skin.

Faith in Face is never disappointed me with their slightly thick and insanely moisturizing formulation. It instantly makes my skin well hydrated, plumped, and moisturized, that hydrating that I think I could skip my hydrating essence in my routine. Also, I love that their tencel fiber sheet technology could keep the mask adheres well in my skin.


So, in the end, my opinion still remains the same. Yeah, Faith in Face mask could beat Soap & Glory mask any day. Perhaps because Faith in Face is K-beauty brand (or Taiwanese? I’m confused here) and they need to keep up with the technology and anything to remain popular; and Soap & Glory is basically a bath and body brand and perhaps sheet mask is not their forte. Nevertheless, in terms of price point, formulation, and all, I have to say that if you happened to find both brands in your drugstore, please, choose Faith in Face sheet mask’s instead.


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