Empties Report: July 2018


Well, I just realized that I skipped June 2018 empties, ugh, pardon me, guys! Last couple of months been a wreck for me. I forgot to post here and there despite my promise to still post regularly 3 times a week. So, I’m trying to make up for it and here it is! My July 2018 empties. I finished some of my favorites things, and I think I don’t have anything disappointing this time around. So…. let’s get it started!


1.Lee Ji Ham Vita Propolis Ampoule

Despite the popular reviews regarding this product, I have to say that, umm, it’s not worth the hype. Well, it’s not that this product is bad and not working, but I personally think that there are a couple of products that work pretty much the same with this product yet come with a much cheaper price and bigger size as well. Perhaps I feel like this because I’ve encountered a lot of propolis product by now, but if you are new into skin care and looking for a hydrating serum, well, this is a pretty good serum if you have the budget for it.

2. Sukin Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil

A decent facial oil that would lock your layer of skin care underneath. I feel like this oil has more fishy smell rather than other rosehip oil that I’ve ever tried. But since I kinda get used to it, I don’t find it to be disturbing. Will I repurchase it? Probably not because I don’t feel like doing anything other than trapped skincare that I put underneath.

3. My Beauty Diary White Lily Brightening Essence Mask

One of my favorite sheet mask from My Beauty Diary and this saying a lot since I found that the one that actually works for my skin from the basic line is only the Hyaluronic Acid one. Really curious to try other variants of My Beauty Diary sheet mask that aren’t available in Indonesia yet!

4. Faith in Face I am Always Bright Mask

My first ever bio-cellulose sheet mask, and this product really changed my life!! The material of the sheet mask is great, the essence is also great, with a pretty reasonable price. This sheet mask leaves my skin instantly plump, glowing, and moisturized way better than another sheet mask that I’ve ever tried. Recommended!


5. Pond’s White Beauty Micellar Water

The most affordable micellar water that I’ve ever tried yet this is the perfect dupe to my HG Bioderma Sensibio H2O! This product already available in Indonesia, but for some reason the price is not as affordable as the Thailand’s price, and it only comes with the small size. Well, I’ve never compared if they are different or not in the formulation, tho. Will updated later!

6. Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Water

My favorite micellar water because it could remove waterproof makeup also! It even could remove the super waterproof Heroine Make Mascara that I loved! Will definitely repurchase this guy over and over again.

7. Skin Aqua UV Bright Milk SPF 25 PA++ Face & Body 

I know that during my dehydrated days, my skin didn’t like another variant of Skin Aqua sunscreen. However, I don’t know because this one formulated differently, or my skin barrier’s condition is way better now and could accept Skin Aqua’s formulation by now… but I really like this sunscreen! Especially when it comes with very affordable price! Will definitely repurchase this one for sure!

8. Sunday Riley Good Genes

The answer to your instant glowing quest. I could understand why everyone raving about this a couple of years ago, and guys, this Sunday Riley Good Genes is just that good. But, remember, if you want to try this product or any exfoliating product on that matter, please make sure that you already have solid basic skin care routine first so you won’t have dehydrated skin like my case back in 2015!


9. Faith in Face Prestige Platinum Mask

10. Soap & Glory Radiance Boosting Mask

Will review both of this product and compare them in my next Wednesday Masking post!  I think it will be interesting since Faith in Face is basically copying Soap & Glory branding to the boot, lol. Stay tuned!

11. Faith in Face After Shower Look Sheet Mask

One of the hydrogel sheet mask that I love. Well, if not for the price, I think I already stocked up my vanity with bio-cellulose and hydrogel sheet mask by now, lol. This mask will instantly make your skin refreshed, plump, and well hydrated! So much love!

12. Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask

Hands down, the best basic sheet mask in the market with reasonable price! No wonder that it’s constantly sold out in Olive Young in South Korea. I asked my friend to get it for me when she went to Seoul and she said that it’s out of stock. In fact, I get it in Sasa Singapore, lol. Well… sure it comes with slightly marked up price, but it’s still worth it for me because it’s that good. So make sure that you got it, everyone, if you happened to see this in South Korea!


Well, that’s all from my July Empties! There’s only a few, I know, but I’m sure that next month’s empties will be a lot, lol. So, have you tried any of these products? What do you think? Do you have different opinion to me? Please do share in comment section bellow!



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