[REVIEW] Bioré Bright Face Milk SPF 50 PA+++


One thing that always made me excited everytime I get to visit neighbourhood country in Asia is the fact that I could explore more Japanese sunscreen because they weren’t available yet in Indonesia, lol. The usual Bioré UV Aqua Rich is still working fine on me, it’s just that I’m getting bored and want to try something new, so should we? Lol, so this time around I’m trying this Bioré Bright Face Milk SPF 50 PA+++.


Superior lightweight UV block for face, Radiant Effect. Provides SPF50+/ PA++++ UV protection. It has an ultra light and non-sticky texture. Also an ideal makeup base, it contains ultra fine light correction powder to cover pores, correct skin dullness and brighten skin tone to give you that radiant look!


To be honest, Bioré have a huge line up in their sunscreen selection. There’s the blue bottle one, white bottle one, not to mention several special limited editions. However, after a further research before I finally decided to choose this one, the Bioré Bright Face Milk SPF 50 PA+++ because a lot of people said that the pink one work the best for dry skin, whereas the other ones have more powdery texture.


This sunscreen slightly reminds me of the famous-but-sadly-didn’t-work-for-me Shiseido UV Protector. It’s not surprising though since from the ingredients list from CosDNA, the main ingredients to this sunscreen is Titanium Oxide and Zinc Oxide, which clearly a physical sunscreen. I guess since the UV Aqua Rich one is chemical sunscreen, Bioré try to provide other option to people that’s sensitive with chemical sunscreen, or the other way around (I’m not sure which one released first, so, yeah).

Well, in terms of texture, I personally think that it is much or less the same with the Shiseido one. However, this one didn’t really give me bad white cast like the Shiseido one. Sure, the white cast is there, it’s a physical sunscreen afterall, but it won’t make my skin looking whitish or grey to the point where I can’t wear it. It’s also works well under makeup. It won’t break my foundation and everything. It didn’t dried up my skin either, well, in the middle of day, there would be some oil appearing in my T-zone, but I consider it average, since I always into dewy makeup anyway.


Will I recommend it? Yeah!!! It’s a good sunscreen with a cheap price as well. I think it’s slightly cheaper than the UV Aqua Rich one. Well given the fact that it comes with smaller size, I think it’s quite understandable. If you think that the UV Aqua Rich didn’t work for you, I think you should try this one. Or perhaps the one with white packaging if you have oily skin; my friend seems like to like it very much. So all in all, I highly recommend you guys to try this one! 

Have you try this sunscreen before? What do you think about it? Do you want to suggest other sunscreen for me? Kindly share it in the comment section bellow!


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