[WEDNESDAY MASKING] Faith in Face I am Always Bright Cellulose Sheet Mask


Should I feel guilty if I prefer the knock off version of Soap & Glory — Faith in Face rather than the original brand itself? Well, they do copy the whole branding and packaging concept but duh, since maybe K-Beauty is always one step ahead with everything, I found that Faith in Face actual products is far far better than Soap & Glory. Well, at least in the sheet mask department (haven’t try other products of both brands, though). So, in this case, you might already know that I also love this Faith in Face I am Always Bright Cellulose Sheet Mask.


Whitens, moisturizes, and rejuvenates the skin.
Herb extracts including niacinamide, mallow leaf, and cowslip.
Far-infrared emitting pearl cellulose mask.
Skin-friendly mask material from tree pulp.
For all skin types.

Wash your face and open the packaging.
If you have sensitive skin, test the serum on your wrist.
Take out the mask and remove the film.
Press the mask along the contours of your face.
Remove the mask after 30 minutes.
Lightly pat your face to absorb the remaining serum.

If you experience any skin abnormalities including rashes, swelling, and irritation, stop using the product immediately and consult a dermatologist.
Do not use in areas with wounds, infections or inflammations.
Keep out of direct sunlight and reach of infants/children.
Use within 24 months from the date of manufacture.
Use immediately after opening.


Maybe I was biased because this is my first cellulose sheet mask ever, but! Seriously, if you haven’t try cellulose mask before, you are missing out, my friend. I may have mixed feelings towards hydrogel mask because not all brands get it right, but with cellulose mask, it’s rare for me to find the one that I didn’t like! So far I’ve tried up to three different cellulose mask from different brands, and I’ve got to say that I love them all! So… what makes cellulose mask different than regular tissue cotton sheet mask and hydrogel mask?

It’s in the material. The material is much much thinner, hence the reason why most cellulose mask needed to be protected by two plastic covers. Furthermore, to quote Belmondo Beauty regarding cellulose mask: It may be helpful to think of bio cellulose as cellulose on steroids. Bio cellulose fibers are four times stronger than plant-based cellulose and are able to attract and retain fluid in great capacity. And bio cellulose fibers can be grown to have longer lengths than plant cellulose fibers, which permits them to be woven into tight, 3-dimensional fabrics. Pretty cool stuff. All without the adverse effects of chemical processes at any point in their production.

One of the most beneficial properties of bio cellulose is its hydrophilicity — the affinity to attract water (each fiber can retain up to 100 times its dry weight in water). This makes our mask fabrics pliable and able to adhere to your skin very tightly, like an occlusive dressing. When you touch a bio cellulose mask fabric it is extremely moist, and when you apply one it will quickly deliver a refreshing, cool sensation to your skin. It feels great and really enables you to relax.

Another notable difference between our bio cellulose fabric and other mask fabrics is this: it adheres so well that it gives you complete freedom to move about and do just about anything. And we mean anything.


So yeah, even if the essence and the whole ingredients is the same, the material itself help to distribute the essence much much better than the regular tissue cotton material sheet mask. As for the result? Without a doubt I noticed that this mask work so much better than the regular sheet mask from Faith in Face. Make my skin plump and well hydrated? Check! Make my skin felt well nourished? Check! And I feel like with cellulose sheet mask, there are no essence that wasted and dried up in the sheet mask because of the super thin layers of cellulose, which is always a plus point for me!


Without a doubt, I will highly recommend this sheet mask! There are no negative things that I could say about this. Perhaps, in general right now cellulose sheet mask won’t be as affordable as regular sheet mask, however I think this particular Faith in Face I am Always Bright Cellulose Sheet Mask is one of the most affordable cellulose sheet mask in the market at around $2. Therefore, I highly suggest you guys to try it because it is *that* good. I’m pretty sure that once you try cellulose sheet mask, you won’t get back if not for the price, lol. So, have you try this mask or other cellulose mask? Do you want to recommend other cellulose mask or other new beauty invention to me? Feel free to write your suggestion and your thoughts in the comment section bellow! 


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