[REVIEW] Hada Labo Hydrating UV Perfect Gel Moisturiser SPF50+ PA++++ and Hydrating Perfect Gel


So, now, into one of my favorite brand ever when it comes to skin care, the one that I keep recommending to everyone if they asked what is your product recommendation, yeah, it’s the one and only: Hada Labo!

Since Hada Labo Indonesia is always late when it comes to new product releases, nothing new and interesting products in their line up, it’s always interest me if I happened to visit neighbourhood country such as Thailand and Singapore since their products line up are way more updated there. Though I have to say that Indonesia have more benefits since Rohto have their own factory here, Hada Labo price point is way more cheaper here rather than other countries.

Therefore, these are the new product that I picked up from Bangkok last February, and very much well loved and very travel friendly since it comes in mini size, here they are: Hada Labo Hydrating UV Perfect Gel Moisturiser SPF50+ PA++++ and Hada Labo Hydrating Perfect Gel . 


Hada Labo Hydrating UV Perfect Gel Moisturizer with SPF 50+ PA++++ contains a formula that contains high ingredient concentration equivalent to 4 skincare products with no compromise to results. Hada Labo Proprietary Hyaluronic Acids replenish, lock and store long-lasting moisture for smooth bouncy skin. HA is a natural component found on our skin that can store water up to 6 to 20x its weight. Purest Vitamin C helps increase collagen production, repair fine lines and rejuvenates skin with healthy glowing radiance. Superb UV filters provides long-lasting and sun-stable protection. Unique property allows absorption of active ingredients while staying lightly on skin’s surface without clogging pores. Skin PH is balanced without causing irritation. Free of fragrances, mineral oil and colorant.


When I picked up this guy, I honestly didn’t realize that it contains SPF. However, because I’m still not sure that it is moisturizer that have SPF or purely SPF, I still layer it with sunscreen afterwards. The texture is very, very lightweight and moisturizing. It has white based colour, so I suspect that it contains physical sunscreen ingredients (couldn’t find any ingredients list since mine is written in Japanese and Thai…). Well, all in all, it’s a pretty good day cream that won’t be heavy for a day time usage under makeup! It definitely won’t crack your makeup at all!


And the second product, is the Hada Labo Hydrating Perfect Gel.

Hada Labo Super Hydrating Perfect Gel Moisturizer contains collagen that rejuvenates skin with healthy radiance. It also contains ceramides which nourish and repair skin to smoothen out dry/fine lines. Hada Labo’s proprietary Hyaluronic Acids replenish, lock and store long-lasting moisture for soft bouncy skin. Skin PH is balanced without causing irritation. Free of fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol and colorant.

This product honestly reminds me of both Perfect 3D Gel and Hada Labo Gokyujun Night Cream. This product is not as thick and jelly-ish as the Perfect 3D Gel one, and it’s not as lightweight as the Gokyujun Night Cream, but the texture is like inbetween of them. The texture is transparent, still lightweight, and easy to sink on to my skin. However for dryer days and weather, if you have dry skin, I think you might want to mix this moisturizer with oil, though, since this moisturizer isn’t rich at all. But still, it does a great job at keeping your skin moisturized and supple, though I have to say that I still prefer the Perfect 3D Gel one.


I might want to repurchase them if they already available in Indonesia even if they didn’t impressed me that much, but still, they does its job.

Well, all in all, I still believe that Hada Labo provides the perfect line up products for basic skin care! They might didn’t give you that extra glow or brightening properties (well, they have different line up of that purposes though I haven’t try it yet), but still, if you’re looking for basic skin care, look no further! They are affordable and works, so what’s not to love?

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