Beauty Talks: Tips to Packed Your Skin Care for Travelling!

I am grateful that I have the opportunity to travel so much this first quarter of 2018. 🙂 And the first thing that always popped in my head whenever I have to packed my things is: which products that I should packed with me?? Trust me, packing my clothes and makeup are way way more easier rather than to pack my skin care. The thoughts that I have to depot it, choose it, sanitize it, etc etc already made me tired, lol.

So, if you always have a hard time to packed your skin care for travelling, I am here to help you based on my personal experience! 🙂


1. Choose something that you already trust enough for your skin! Never, ever experimenting during your trip!

Trust me, travel time is not the best time to experimenting with your skin care. You barely understand the situation and weather of the place that you will visit, let alone trying out new products that you don’t know will work well on you or not. So no, please, choose something that save enough for your skin, something that you know will work well on you no matter what and stay out of new products (especially if it contains acids and new ingredients!). I personally suggest that you choose product that focused on hydration and moisturization because it’s practically hard to go wrong with hydrators and you can easily measure them depends on the weathers and situation.


2. It’s time to take out your minis and travel friendly products!

The easiest products that you would love to bring during travel is of course, your travel sized products! Therefore, if your favorite products are also comes in minis and/or travel size, purchase them rightaway! There’s no need to depot your products into smaller bottle, and this way, you can save a lot of time and stress. However, I do understand that not all products are available in smaller form, which is why next point does exist:

3. Purchase that small travel bottles, honey. Preferably something that won’t spill. 

If you travel often, travel friendly skin care bottles would be a life time investment, therefore, purchase something that worth the investment, something that won’t spill allover your bags. Usually Japanese skin care travel bottles would come with its safety lock, and if have that extra budget, I heard that MUJI’s travel bottles are that good. However, if you want to save that extra cash, here’s a tip: safe that travel size products packaging that you used up! Clean it, and repurpose it as other product’s travel bottles! (Ssst, I love to use SK-II sample size toner bottle keep my hydrating toners for traveling!)


4. If you want to bring mask, do bring a sample sachet of it

I rarely want to bring any actives and masks whenever I travel. I can’t stand the hassle of depotting it, and I don’t think that I have that extra time to put it on. Therefore, unless it’s emergency, like let’s say that horrible unwanted cystic acne coming up, I’d like to bring sample sachet of clay mask with me. First, it’s way more practical, and two, I can’t throw away the packaging after I’ve used it up.

5. Count the pumps of your products whenever you depot it!

If I’ve got that extra time whenever I packed I’d love to count the pumps of the product usage and multiple the time of how long I travel. For example, in general I use a hydrating toner 2 pumps per day, and my trip would be 10 days long, therefore, I would count it 2 x 10, and I would depot 20 pumped worth of product so that I won’t have product shortage during my travel. I’d like to put a couple of extra pumps in case there are some product spillage or suddenly I need to extend my trip.


6. Micellar water is way more practical rather than cleansing balm / oil for travelling

Maybe a lot of skin care experts would side eyeing me on this subject, but yeah, especially if you travel into less hygienic place and/or rural place, micellar water is one of your safer bet for first cleanser. Darling, believe me, you won’t have that luxury to massage your face with cleansing oil and/or balm. So, yeah, bring your trusted micellar water with you. At least you still do your first cleanse step albeit it’s not ideal. But still, better than nothing, right?


So yeah, that’s all for my tips for traveling skin care! Do you have another tips on how to pack your skin care for traveling purposes? Please do share with me in the comment section bellow! 🙂

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