[WEDNESDAY MASKING] Faith in Face Light Effect Hydrogel Mask


Okay, first thing first: I don’t have any expectation towards this Faith in Face Light Effect Hydrogel Mask. I even have so many doubts about it since the branding is basically a knock off to Soap & Glory, lol. But!!!!!! Don’t let the branding and packaging fools you. This Faith in Face Hydrogel Mask might be better than the original Soap & Glory one.


Eliminates dullness and evens skin tone for a luminous complexion.

How to use:

After cleansing, remove the thinner protective film from both the top and bottom masks.
Apply the exposed side of the masks to your face.
Remove the thicker protective film and adjust the top and bottom masks to fit.
After 30 minutes, discard the mask and pat remaining essence into skin.


This mask is probably not the best one that I’ve ever tried, but this mask fits like a charm!! It reminds me a lot of Japanese sheet mask that won’t go slippery here and there, so the essence would absorb really really well into the skin. I haven’t tried a lot of Korean hydrogel mask nowadays, but this mask seriously made me want to try other Korean hydrogel mask in the market since it’s just so so good!


The essence itself is just so moisturizing and definitely help to plump up my skin. I personally never believe that sheet mask would instantly brighten my skin, so I don’t want to talk further about that. But in terms of moisturizing, plumping the skin, and hydration, look no further! Because this mask is seriously one of the best mask that I’ve tried for a while! 🙂


Would I repurchase it? If I have the access to, of course without a doubt!!! It’s definitely more pricey than regular sheet mask, like other hydrogel mask in the market. But if you want to try sheet mask that instantly show benefits on you, look no further! Because this mask is just so worth it, and not as expensive as SK-II/Sulwhasoo sheet mask, anyway. So, if you happened to find this mask in your local drugstore, or perhaps online, please do me a favor and buy it. You can thank me later. 😉

2 thoughts on “[WEDNESDAY MASKING] Faith in Face Light Effect Hydrogel Mask

    1. Hai! Cobain deh, kalau pernah coba hydrogel mask pasti susah pindah ke lain hatii, hehe. Iya merk korea tp niru brand barat in terms of packaging, which is Soap & Glory 🙂

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