[EMPTIES] Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

Once you get into the K-beauty craze, you must be know that this Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel is the product that have huge cult following. Even when I was have zero knowledge regarding skin care in 2012, the first time I visited Seoul, I clearly remember that this stuff was already all the rage back then. And recently, Nature Republic just opened in Jakarta, and we’re lucky enough that the pricing is pretty similar like in Seoul! Therefore, I just have to give this Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel a try since it’s pretty affordable.


  • 92% Aloe Vera leaf extract
  • Skin firming and moisturizing effect – The fast-absorbing gel provides a refreshing feel to the skin
  • Soothing and moisturizing effect – Provides soothing and moisturizing effects to the sensitive skin
  • Makes skin healthy – Keeps the surface of the face and body healthy
    30 Million+ units sold product
  • This soothing gel contains California CCDF certified organic Aloe Vera and mild to skin. Good for moisturizing face, arms, lets and hair. Instant moisturizing without sticky feel.


  1. Moisturizing Sleeping Pack
    Mix a few drops of facial oil with Aloe Vera Soothing Gel to make into a rich multi moisturizer. You may use it as a sleeping pack or a daily moisturizer!
    Moisture-retention level increases with an extra drip of facial oil!
  2. Glowing Skin Makeup
    Mix makeup primer and Aloe Vera Soothing Gel at the ratio of 2:1. Apply the blend gently over your face to create a natural glowing look.
    Keep your skin moisturized all day even with your makeup on!
  3. Moisture Replenish for Body
    Try using with rich oils like olive or argan oil for double-moisturizing effect!
    Gently massage and moisturize your entire body.
  4. Silky Smooth Hair Treatment
    Use it like a hair serum to your split ends for an instant shine & long-lasting rejuvenation.
  5. Cooling Eyes & Moisturizing Lips
    Place a moistened cotton pad with Aloe Vera Soothing Gel on puffed-up eyes for cooling and on chipped lips for moisturizing.
  6. Light Aftershave Soothing Gel
    Use as a mild emollient treatment for soothing irritated skin after shave!
    Great soothing for men’s aftershave and even for women’s legs!
  7. Hydrating Nail Essence For Healthy Nails
    If you are a big nail-art lover, should protect your nails now!
    Keep your nails hydrated & healthy simply with Aloe Vera Soothing Gel.

Aloe vera leaf extract (92%), ethanol, glyceryl polyacrylate, dipropylene glycol, butyleneglycol, glycerin, propylene glycol, 1,2-hexanediol, polyglutamic acid, betaine , Sodium hyaluronate, Karen dulcis extract, spearmint extract, lemon balm extract, carbomer, phage-60 hydrogenated castor oil, triethanolamine, phenoxyethanol, purified water, disodium DTA


A lot of people raves this product. I even had to visit the store twice in order to get this product, because the first time I went there, this Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel was sold out, and they even have to limit the purchase of this product to avoid reseller / online shops stocking up this product; that is how popular it is.

One of Indonesian vlogger, Suhay Salim said that this product is her ultimate HG product, as it was really help her skin to be acne free. My Laneige Sleeping Water is running low anyway, so I decided to use this product as sleeping mask. I honestly expecting the texture would be similar with Hada Labo Perfect 3D Gel, so I was pretty surprised that the texture is more like watery gel that would totally gone once you put it into the skin.

Since ethanol is high on the ingredients list, it’s quite understandable why this product is very alcohol scented. I used to hate alcohol scent, together with perfumey fragrance; however, since I get used to Biorè UV Aqua Gel; which is also alcohol scented, nowadays I’m not that disturbed to it.


Though the recommended step to use it as sleeping mask is to mixed it with facial oil, since I use facial oil as a last step before moisturizer / sleeping mask anyway, so I use this product as it is. I put thick layers of it, and the lightweight gel texture would be perfectly absorbed within 15 minutes and it would leave some kind of film on top of your skin. After a couple of times that I use this Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel as a sleeping mask, I have to say that it is not moisturizing enough for my dry, dehydrated skin. It’s like, whenever I use this and it absorbed to my skin, the product just went through the air and didn’t give any hydrating or moisturizing properties into my skin.

It never makes my skin break out or irritated; however, I feel like if I want to keep using it, I need to layer moisturizer first, and then layer this as a sleeping mask afterwards. However, I ended up finish this product as hair mask since my scalp situation was quite troublesome for the last couple of months and I need to scrape out aloe vera to soothe my scalp. Again, maybe because of the alcohol content is pretty high, my scalp didn’t feel as moisturized if I use fresh aloe vera. But, it’s pretty okay for the hair, it won’t make my hair as oily, and stay fresh longer.


Would I repurchase this? Maybe. It’s pretty darn cheap. You can get this for around $5~$7 depends on where you buy it for 300ml. But, even if I repurchase it, I don’t think that I would use it for the face. There’s a whole debate surrounding the skin care community regarding is it safe or not if you put that much of a high alcohol content into your face. Well, as for me, since I don’t receive that much benefit and hydration as well as moisturization from this product anyway, I guess I would better be back to my trusted Hada Labo moisturizers that have similar price range for my face. Nevertheless, if this product work well on you, please continue to do so, since there’s a lot of people that love this product!


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