Skin Care Talk: Life Changing Beauty Tips!

Admit it, along  the road of your beauty journey, you will find life changing beauty tips at some point that would make you think ‘Why haven’t I tried it sooner?!’ It could be skin care tips, makeup tips, anything! And as for me, here’s my list of life changing beauty tips that surely made significant change in my routines!


1.Facial oil is the thing

If I want to put out just one thing from my skin care routines, it must be facial oil. It is that life changing that made me sad why I didn’t try it sooner. So, basically, facial oil is one of the ingredient list of your basic moisturizer, therefore, you must have use it without you ever realize before. And on it’s own, facial oil is awesome. I personally think that the way it locked all of the skin care that you layered beforehand works better than a first essence serum.

There’s a whole lot category on which facial oil works better for a certain skin types, but so far, I’m blessed enough that all of facial oil works awesome on me, Thank God! If you are new into the whole oil game, I suggest you to try the all time favorite Trilogy Rosehip Oil and one of the most beautiful oil blends with chic packaging, which is Huxley Light and More Oil which I personally think would work for any skin types.


2. Tips on extend the longevity of your liners

I am being faithful to my cat liners signature since 2012. And along the way, I learn a couple of tricks that would extend the longevity of your liners no matter what brand of eyeliners that you actually use. Sure, a good, long lasting eyeliners would definitely make your work much easier (my favorite is Japanese liners, especially Flow Fushi!); but here are the certain tricks that would help you to extend the longevity of your liners!

  • Put eyeshadow base beforehand
  • Set that eyeshadow base with translucent powder
  • Put on your eyeliner
  • Set that eyeliner again, with translucent powder
  • More pro tip: nothing beat glitter/shimmers shadows before eyeliner. It would definitely lock your eyeliner! (Learned this trip from Ssinnim)


3. Put your products thinly, if you need more layers, put another thin layers on top of it

This tips is applicable to any products, particularly makeup products in the form of liquid; foundations, concealers, etc. It’s easier to build up coverage through thin layers rather than caked up your foundation at once. It would make it way more natural and flawless, less cakey and makeup-ey.

4. Do not ever limit the function of a product!

Though they have their own purposes on its own, however, in emergency time especially, do not ever limit the function of a product! You can definitely use your lipstick  also as eyeshadow and blush; you can also use your moisturizer as emergency makeup cleanser; you can use your brown eyeshadow also as eyebrow powder; or have you ever think to use your mascara as liquid eyeliner? Well, yeah, if you have different product for different purposes, it would be better to use it individually, however, it would definitely help in case of emergency!


5. Want to have clear skin? Stay away from sugar and dairy.

Believe me, even if it’s hard; even if it’s nearly impossible (especially since I have sugar tooth! 😦 this is one of the most life changing tips that I’ve ever had! I cut down my dairy and sugar intake for the past year, and it definitely makes my skin better. Less inflammation, less acne, clearer skin. If you also have sugar tooth like me, my best tips to cut down your sugar intake is to consume less simple carbs on your main meal. For example, if you want to eat cakes, try not to consume any carbs on your savoury meal, and vice versa. It’s hard, I know, but it’s definitely worth to try!

6. Do not. Ever. Touch your face. With your filthy fingers!

Hands down, one of the best tips that I’ve ever received. Our hands are full of germs, people. So please make it stay away from your skin if you want to have clearer skin! Also, it’s such a great exercise to avoid your naughty little fingers to popped your pimple that would make your pimple even worse and left ugly acne scars.


7. Best tips for cystic acne!

I got cystic acne a while ago because I was lacked of sleep, and believe me, this tips from Michelle Koesnadi  really works! So you need to compress your cystic acne for 10-15 minutes with hot towel, and put BHA products on top of the cyst for 25 minutes and repeat every 2-3 days. Sometimes I also like to use clay mask after the 25 minutes, and some people also love to use acne patch once the pus come out from beneath the skin’s surface, but in case you didn’t have the access to it, you can also use clean two clean cotton pads and press it into the cyst. Make sure to apply BHA product afterwards!


So yeah, those are a few of life changing tips that I’ve ever received that improved my beauty routines. Have you tried one before? Or, do you have any tips that you want to share? Please do share it with me in the comment section bellow! 😉




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      1. No it doesn’t hurt at all, the cups are really small and especially for the face. You can find different instruction video’s on YouTube and I wrote a post some time ago about it.


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