Beauty Talks: Skin Care Shopping Tips!

Skin care shopping! Admit it, as a girl, one of the most exciting part of having beauty routines is the shopping experience itself! Especially if you have the access to shop from overseas, be it through online, or on your holidays, all of them have different yet equally exciting experience! As for me, I love it when I got to browsed drugstore and beauty shops overseas, to discover brands that we don’t have back in my home countries. Hence the reason why I sometimes prefer to stay out of my group and shop by myself so that I won’t make my friends kept waiting outside the store, lol!


1.Research, research!

Before actually storm down the online or offline stores, do your own research! First thing first, you have to know what is your skin type and characteristic. Is it dry/oily/sensitive? Is it dehydrated? If you already know what type of product that your skin actually needs, do your next research. Let’s say that you will visit Japan for your next holiday, research for the most best selling skin care in Japan and choose the one that might work for you the best.

For example, before my Sydney and Brisbane trip last month, I did my own research on what best selling skin care products there, what brands that I should be looking for, what’s currently on trend, and most importantly: what will work for my skin the best. After you list your product, write the address of the flagship store/drugstore/dept store! Sometimes not every drugstore will carry the brand that you want to purchase. Therefore, always write down the address as a heads up!


2. Bring your list of products that you want and you need the most!

Believe me, especially if you are shopaholic like me (and my fellow beauty addict friends, lol)Β it’s easy to be overwhelmed and in one blurry moment, you would putting the stuff that you actually don’t really need or want into the shopping basket! Therefore, people, write your list down, along with your budget. So that you won’t be over shopping, lol. Purchase the ones that you need the most, and then the product that you want the most, and then last but not least, purchase anything that interest you, if you still have that extra budget. Be it something with huge promotion, discount, or something cheap with interesting packaging, up to you! Just make sure that it will be something that worth your money, lol.

3. Compare the price first before you make a purchase!

It’s not rare that some brands would be on various stores and market place. Therefore, if the brand that you want to purchase is very famous, there’s a high chance that they would be available everywhere, and you can compare the price first before you actually made your purchase! For example, when I visit Brisbane last month, in Priceline (Australian equivalent to Drugstore), there are no promotion on La Roche Posay products, though they have discount on Trilogy, Antipodes, Sukin, and The Ordinary products. However, in regular Pharmacys, they have lots of promotion for La Roche Posay products. On the other hand, in David Jones, they have discount for Lanolips products, and this huge promotion for Grown Alchemist product when it’s rarely happened on their flagship stores. Therefore peeps, keep your eyes wide open, and compare for the cheapest price available before you actually make your purchase!


4. Find a friend to share!

It’s not rare that stores or brands would make buy one get one promotion, so find your friends that would want to share the promo with you! Sssst, if possible, lure your friends to join the promotion with you by raving the products so much that they will also actually interested in the product! Sharing is caring, isn’t it? πŸ˜‰

5. Don’t forget to process your Tax Refund!

Especially if you purchase lots of things in one transaction, you can claim your Tax Refund. I know that it will be quite a hassle if you have process it in Airport (bless Japan, because we can directly claim our Tax Refund in the store after we made purchase!); but it will surely help you to save some cash! And perhaps…. will help you to purchase something from the next point!


6. Make sure to check Airport’s Duty Free before you go home!

Some people said that the best things often came last. For shopaholics, Duty Free sometimes comes with super good promos and deals! Lots of large Airports carry famous brands with much affordable price (without the tax, remember?) than the regular stores! Different airports would have different brands and promo, so make sure to do your own research if you actually want to purchase something from Airport Duty Free!

Well, as for now, I think that’s all from me and my tips! Do you have any tips that you care to share with me? Don’t be hesitate write down your tips in the comment section bellow! πŸ™‚


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