[WEDNESDAY MASKING] Lululun Plus Sweet Drop & Leaders Regeneration Mask


Well, yeah, so here I am: Had too much of sheet masks in my vanity that I decided to post the Wednesday Masking again so that my post won’t be filled with sheet mask everyday, lol. I might never post my Bangkok Haul, but let me tell you: 70% of them are sheet masks. 😆 There’s a lot of sheet mask promotion back then in Bangkok, and it happened to be from the brands that I’ve always curious to try; Lululun Plus, Leaders, Faith in Face, and Soap & Glory.

First mask that I want to talk about today is this Lululun Plus: Sweet Drop. If you remember, I have this love-hate relationship with Lululun Mask. Well, not quite ‘hate’, but there are times when a couple of their line (I think it was their most basic line) was just meh on me. I quite like their Premium one, and I’ve heard lots of people like their newer line – Lululun Plus.


Different than the regular and premium Lululun, this mask comes with single sheet masks. In terms of essence, I have to say that this mask is certainly better than other Lululun line. The essence is not as runny as regular Lululun and hydrating. The mask reminds me of a certain kind of CNP Mask. The actual sheet mask is very similar with the Premium Lululun. If you are concern of hygiene issue, this mask is definitely a better option to other Lululun line since it didn’t come with bulk mask.


The second mask that I want to talk about is this Leaders Regeneration Mask. Honestly speaking, I don’t think that this mask is that different to other Leaders Mask that I’ve tried. The essence and the thickness of the sheet mask is really similar to the other one. But if I’m going to compare it to cheaper Korean sheet mask in the market, this one is definitely better.


The essence and the thickness of the sheet mask is definitely decent. It’s also pretty similar to Mediheal and Lululun Plus, it’s pretty hydrating as well. The plus point of both mask are the facts that they are didn’t have any fragrance or at least contain minimum fragrance (for the Lululun one) and alcohol is not on top of their ingredients list. Duh, I couldn’t tell you how much I hate fragranced and alcohol scented skin care! 

Would I repurchase them? If I had the access to, especially if they are on promo, definitely! I highly recommend you both of these mask if you want to buy Korean and Japanese sheet mask. They are priced quite affordably at around $2~$3 without promo, works pretty well, and won’t irritate sensitive and acne prone skin.

2 thoughts on “[WEDNESDAY MASKING] Lululun Plus Sweet Drop & Leaders Regeneration Mask

  1. Does the LuLuLun Sweet Drop smell like honey?
    I have 5 variants of LuLuLun masks still laying around.. this reminds me that I have to try them soon.


    1. I honestly didn’t really remember, sorry! Maybe it’s slightly smell like honey, but if you’re looking for the best honey scented and honey infused mask, it would be Papa Recipe sheet mask for sure!


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