Beauty Talks: Eyelash Extension Experience

If there’s one thing that being hyped in my local beauty industry for the last couple of years; it would probably eyelash extension. Started from celebrities and influencers, now I could say that at least 40% women in Jakarta are wearing eyelash extension, especially from mid-upper high class. I’ve never done it before, but because I see how my friend’s eyelashes looked fantastic, and I got this 20% discount, I just jump right in last April!


Which lashes that should I choose?

Well, this is 100% depends on your personal taste and needs. As for me, I know that my eyes won’t looked good if I use thick volumed lashes. And there are three option of volume in the place where I got my eyelash extension, which is the thick volume, soft volume, and natural volume. I opted for the soft volume one, because I think that it would look good on me, and turned out it doesn’t. *Cries* I looked like this dangdut singer with this volume. Furthermore, this design also makes my eyes looked heavy and my undereyes seems darkened a bit. 😦 😥

I think I have to wait until 1,5 week until I’m satisfied with the way my lashes looks. I waited for them to fall out by itself, and after 1,5 week, it looked way more natural! My friends keep asking what did I do with my lashes afterwards, lol. I think I already know what kind of lashes that I will choose if I want to touch up my lashes: Natural Volume with Long Length with Natural Design! ❤

So, peeps! Before you guys want to do extension, please make sure what design is your taste, and which one will work the best on your eyes!

DSC04427 (1)

The maintenance

This is probably one of the frequently asked question that people asked me whenever they realized that I had eyelash extension. Is it hard to maintain?

One of the biggest reason on why I kept hesitated to do eyelash extension is the fact that I love to double cleanse or even triple cleanse my skin. Especially after I am really committed to my skin routine, I just can’t stand it if I don’t properly cleanse my makeup. And it is already well known that once you use eyelash extension, you have to avoid oil based cleanser for your eye area. Therefore, started from the day-1 that I use extension, I only use micellar water to remove my eye makeup. I also need to clean my makeup with cotton bud in order to avoid any harsh movement. There are occasional time where I am brave enough to use my Banila Co. Clean It Zero, however, I also avoid my eye area whenever I did it.

I have to say that there’s a plus and minus to this cleansing method. The plus side is that I am being forced to treat my eye area really gently. It is supposedly to avoid any eyelash fall out; however, it would be also beneficial to avoid fine line in the eye area because you can’t clean your eye area harshly. The downside to it is the fact that sometimes your eye makeup won’t be cleaned properly, especially if you use super waterproof eyeliner regularly.

Other than the cleansing method, the only maintenance that you probably need to be taken care is to be careful not to touch your eyes area, or worse, to rubbed your eyes! No, no, no, it’s a big no! Also, you need to avoid mascara and have to comb your lashes regularly to keep it neat.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-24 at 3.25.20 PM

How long it would last?

Really, it depends on your maintenance. Well, I also heard that it also depends on where you did your extension. I’ve only done it once, so I don’t have any comparison. But they recommend me to fill my lashes again after one month, so, maybe it will last within 1 month on average. The place where I did it is pretty well known in Jakarta, and so far their service was great, my eyes don’t get irritated whatsoever during and after the extension process.

Will I do it again? Maybe. I won’t lie that the eyelash extension does makes my makeup and look better. It didn’t necessarily made my make up process to be faster, but it certainly will give me the “I woke up like this look” because it looks so natural, really different with fake lashes and mascara result. However, as for now, I think I want to finish all of my mascara first, and I will do another extension again for special occasion, since it’s cost quite a lot for monthly maintenance, lol.

So… have you try eyelash extension? What do you think? Please share your experience in the comment section bellow! 😉


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