[REVIEW] Innisfree Jeju Volcanic 3 in 1 Nose Pack

Because of the Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mask was sold out everywhere, I purchased Innisfree Jeju Volcanic 3 in 1 Nose Pack on the store because first; it’s cheaper, and second, it’s the only clay mask available, lol. However, I didn’t realize that it is one of the best investment that I’ve ever purchased!


What it is

Excellent sebum-adsorption power of Jeju volcanic clusters

Jeju volcanic clusters that provide better sebum-adsorption power than rhassoul clay deeply cleanse inside the pores

Multi-purpose item solely for blackhead treatment

Innovative multi-purpose item serving as a pack + scrub + cleanser

Transforming formulation

A transforming formulation that creates foam when the dry pack comes into contact with water




How to use

After cleansing, spread over areas with blackheads. When the mask dries after 15 minutes, gently massage with fingers and rinse off with lukewarm water. 


Wash away pore-clogging impurities with Jeju volcanic scoria!

Volcanic scoria is a pure, and fairly rare, ingredient formed from lava as it cools after a volcanic eruption.

 It has a powerful sebum-absorbing capacity and washes away impurities while moisturizing skin, leaving it cleaner and healthier than ever before.


I wanted to find clay mask to use it for Fiddy’s Grits Method, since I already owned COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid and Banila Co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm. As I’ve explained it before, I purchased this Innisfree Jeju Volcanic 3 in 1 Nose Pack because the regular Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mask was sold out in store.

Compared to the regular Super Volcanic Clay Mask, this mask is more liquidy in terms of texture, which something I much more prefer because it is way easier to spread on the skin. Furthermore, the tube packaging also helps to avoid dryness with the clay mask. Again, I really prefer this kind of packaging because I really hate it that the regular packaging makes the clay mask dry way more quickly.


Also, because of the liquidy texture, I feel like it would really help to adhere really well on the skin, and it does really help with the Grits Method. It really helps to remove my blackheads; especially the Grits Method. But other than that, I think that it is pretty much the same with the regular Super Volcanic Clay Mask.

So overall, I think that this mask is really worth the price. It is much more cheaper, with the texture that I much prefer, and it’s basically just works! Have you tried this Innisfree Jeju Volcanic 3 in 1 Nose Pack before? What do you think? Please do share in the comment section bellow!


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