[REVIEW] Leaders Clinic Allergen Free Mask with Centella Asiatica Extract


Without a doubt, Leaders is one of the most popular sheet mask ever. If I’m not mistaken, even a few brands of sheet masks are produced by Leaders company. However because of one of a few reason, I always forgot to try this brand, even though I always tend to try other popular sheet mask. Therefore, when I found Leaders were being sold at Bangkok, I bought a few of their variants right away, and this time around, I will talk about the first mask that I’ve tried from them, which is the Leaders Clinic Allergen Free Mask with Centella Asiatica Extract.


Leaders Clinic Allergen-Free Mask With Centella Asiatica Extract. PH Balance 5.5, No Six-Paraben, No Phenoxyethanol, No mineral oil, No fragrance. For Sensitive Skin (25 ml/ sheet.)

Skin care products that accumulate from daily routine. PH of the skin cleansing to make changes. And the cause of many skin problems for a long day’s accumulated problems.

Balance after cleansing With the brightening Smooth the surface with Leaders Clinic Allergen-Free Mask contains Centella asiatica Extract. Formula specially developed for sensitive skin. Irritated by And reduce redness from sun exposure. Skin look radiant, healthy skin and restores a healthy skin.

Directions: After washing face mask paste on the face. Adjust to fit and then remove the bubbles. To keep the mask attached to the skin. Leave for 10-15 minutes, do not dry the mask on the face, pull out the mask and apply the fingertip over the skin to nourish the skin. Without rinse.


To be quite frank, there are no major differences between this mask and other sheet mask. It’s quite generic I would say. Perhaps back in the day, few years ago when Leaders Clinic were so popular, it is one of the most highest quality sheet mask in terms of material and anything; but maybe because Korean beauty brands tends to improve their products more and more, I found nothing different between this sheet mask and other cheap sheet mask. Well, that and the fact that other materials of sheet mask such as hydrogel is just so good that everything that come with regular sheet mask is just generic.


Well, in terms of texture and hydration, this mask is pretty much the same with its sister company, Mediheal. I like the fact that it didn’t contain Fragrance, so it would be friendlier towards sensitive skin. In terms of thickness and all, all in all, it’s just pretty much the same with other sheet mask, to be honest. Nothing really special.


So, all in all, there’s a high possibility that I won’t repurchase this mask. It’s not bad, it’s just, nothing special with it that makes me want to repurchase it. It gives me hydration that I need, yes, but so does other sheet mask to be honest. However, it’s pretty cheap and there’s a lot of promotion going on with this mask. Therefore, if you like to use sheet mask everyday, this is one of the good option because it won’t make you broke, lol.

Have you tried this mask before? What do you think? Please do share with me in the comment section bellow! 😉

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