[REVIEW] Faith in Face Signature Gold Mask


It’s really been a while since I purchased any sheet mask. And on my trip to Bangkok last February, I’m trying to get as much as Korean and Japanese brand sheet masks that I could get on their drugstore. Thailand is really blessed to have a good selection of Korean and Japanese cosmetics products I’m so jealous!

So, for the first sheet mask that I want to review from my Bangkok Haul, is this Faith in Face Signature Gold Mask Premium Night Care. It’s been a long time since I’ve been curious to try Faith in Face! It’s like the Korean version of Soap and Glory, lol, however, I heard so many good reviews amongst their product, hence the reason why I want to try them.


They have extensive explanation and ingredients that you can check here. At first I hope it to be hydrogel based, but it turned out that it’s not. It is foil based, and Faith in Face claim that foil mask will never dry while usage and it blocks essence to dry, evaporate unlike regular sheet masks. It comes with soft tencel sheet for hypo-allergenic skin with patented third layer structure of body heat reflecting sheet prevents heat loss and improves skin absorption of essence.


Maybe because of the foil and third layer structure, I feel like this mask is heavier and thicker rather than usual sheet mask. But it turned out that it’s pretty okay, in fact, after usage my skin felt really, really well hydrated and plump! I have to say that this mask surprised me because I honestly don’t expect anything from this mask, lol. For me this mask is pretty comparable with hydrogel mask, though in terms of essence absorption, there’s nothing that would beat hydrogel mask.


Well, all in all, I think this mask would be perfect for winter time, dehydrated skin, and for dry skin fellas out there. It would instantly makes your skin plump, well hydrated, and bouncier. It is a bit expensive – I forgot the exact price, but it’s still under $10 though – but I think this mask is really worth to try!


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