[REVIEW] Innisfree Cover Stamping Puff


For make up application, I’ve mostly always use beauty sponge type of thing, be it the knocked off of beauty blender, the original one, or anything that shaped like beauty blender. Maybe because I have sensitive skin and I haven’t find the perfect foundation brush yet, I tend to avoid face brushes all together, it’s even rare for me to use my favorite Real Technique Metal Powder Brush.

So, after SSIN said that this Innisfree Cover Stamping Puff is as good as the original Beauty Blender (haven’t write proper review of it, though, because mine is already in bad condition, lol! 😆 ) ; naturally I’m on a hunt for it after she said that, lol. So finally, after more or less a year of using the old one, and been trying the new one, I’m ready to review and compare them to the original beauty blender!


It is a puff for base makeup that’s designed for increased coverage to create exquisite and flawless-looking skin.

[For perfect coverage]
1.Take an adequate amount of the foundation on Cover Stamping Puff
2.Gently and yet thoroughly dab Cover Stamping Puff over pores and skin imperfections to build into high coverage for a smooth, flawless look

[For dewy glowing look]
1.Wet or spray mist over Cover Stamping Puff
2.Take an adequate amount of the foundation and stamp Cover Stamping Puff over the skin to create a dewy glowing look.

1.Do not apply on a scar or any area of irritation such as dermatitis or eczema
2.Do not keep the product in a place with either a high temperature or low temperature and/or exposed to direct sunlight
3.Keep the product clean and do not share it with others
4.Do not use the product for other than the intended purpose
5.Keep the product out of reach of children.


I have to agree with SSIN that this sponge, in terms of the power to blend product is the perfect dupe for Beauty Blender. It’s as bouncy as well! However, I don’t know if the new one is different in texture or not, but I feel like the new one is harder rather than the old one. Another thing that Innisfree could improve is the fact that it should’ve come with tear drop shape like Beauty Blender. I hate it when there’s a harsh circle lines and I have to blend, blend, blend my make up more until it’s gone.


Since I prefer dewy skin look, I’ve always use it in damped condition. It will be bigger twice the size of the original one once you dampen it. You can use it dry if you wish to have more coverage, though I hate it when it’s dry because the sponge wouldn’t be as soft.

Because of its shape, it’s really, really hard to deep clean this sponge! Even if I use double cleansing method or bar soap method, I couldn’t remove the stain and dirt completely. 😦 Now that Innisfree already come out with tear drop shape of this sponge (not yet released in Indonesia, though), I wish that it could be easier for me to clean it!


Well, all in all, I think if you are on a budget, or just simply don’t want to purchase beauty blender, you should try this Innisfree Cover Stamping Puff! Because it’s pretty cost effective at around $7~$8, and though this is not 100% the same like Beauty Blender, overall, it’s pretty similar! It’s proven that I already repurchase it, and once the tear drop shape released in Indonesia, I would definitely buy it! 🙂


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