Beauty Talks: Why Beauty Sleep is Much Needed


So, it turned out that for the past week, I only got more or less two to four hours of sleep a day, which is pretty crazy considering that my closest friends and family always know that I almost always prioritize sleep over everything. Even my observant friend understand that I would lost my focus after 11pm, lol. Well, even if I have to work until 3am to fulfill my deadline, at least I usually make up my 7-10 hours of beauty sleep and wake up late the next day. #freelancelife.

And this time around, I get to paid the price when I spot lots of whiteheads, breakouts, and even cystic acne appear all over my skin!!! :'(. Well, I have to admit that it’s not that severe, it’s not even comparable to my severe dehydrated skin days a couple of years ago. But still, considering that my skin is pretty stable for the past year, especially when I got to know beauty oil, I have to say that this is probably my worst skin state for the past year.


Since I noticed that whenever I use AHA serum like Sunday Riley Good Genes or The Ordinary Lactic Acid Serum that my pimple usually would gone faster, I diligently put Good Genes all over my face in 2 nights in a row, which is pretty extreme since I usually very cautious with my actives because I’m afraid to make my skin dehydrated and over exfoliated.  However, I noticed that the white pus started to appear from the white heads after two days, except for the cyst, and after the second day, I decided to stop abusing my skin with Lactic Acid and trying hard to keep calm.


Sigh, little did I know how much sleep derivation could affect your skin’s condition. Even if I already do my usual skin care routine and eat considerably well, not just my skin started to acted out, but my overall health is pretty affected as well and mind you, it’s very very rare for me to get cold. I think this is the first time since two years that I got cold. 😥


So, lesson learned, my dear. Sleep well, eat well, work out well, rest well, aside of your usual skin care routine. That way, you will get the best skin condition! So, good bye for now and so sorry for the short post after a while! 😥 I really need to make up some sleep!




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