Let’s Take a Break: Netflix Shows That I’m Really Looking Forward to Watch!

How’s life, everyone? Lately I feel overwhelmed with life. I usually could control my life really well and effecient, as I have inner Monica Geller on me (read: I am pretty much a control freak!). However, these days I couldn’t catch up on things and I think I need more than 24 hours a day and need more than a cup of coffee a day. What a month, what a month! Alhamdulillah ❤

Because I haven’t got the time to take proper picture for product reviews, I want to talk about something that I really excited about other than beauty: movies! Long time friends must be know already that I am really into movies, especially critically acclaimed movies. And since I don’t have the time to go to holidays in near future, my simplest kind of break is of course: to go to watch movies on cinema or Netflix. But because I don’t have anything that I’m interested in cinema after I watched Sekala, Niskala (Really, really good!), I opted to watch Netflix series and movies on my free time. So, here it is, the  shows that I’m really looking forward to watch! 


Annihilation (2018)

I’m a huge, huge fan of of Ex-Machina. The movie was just perfection and mind blowing. Little did I know, that his latest movie is one of the latest release in Netflix. Until my friend mentioned it briefly on his Insta Stories, and because he said that this shares similar approach with Arrivals (2017), I just can’t wait to watching it! Starring one of my favorite actress, Natalia Portman, with 88% Rotten Tomatoes reviews, I just know that this movie won’t be disappointing.


Ugly Delicious (2018)

Growing up watching Anthony Bourdain’s shows on TLC, I am somewhat always fascinated with culinary shows, especially travelling and food testing shows. If you often watch BuzzFeed’s Worth It, you must be familiar with David Chang, founder of Momofuku Restaurant Group, since he often showed up as guest on that show. And in this Netflix Original Series, Ugly Delicious, he and several guest that includes Aziz Ansari, will have examines the cultural, sociological, and culinary history of a specific popular food on each episode with modern approach. Just watched one episode of it and I have to say that it is pretty interesting! 


Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events: Season 2 (2018)

Though it’s not everyone’s favorite (my friends that’s also huge fans of Lemony Snicket’s book and the movie told me that it is not dark enough), I really like this series, especially when it’s visually like the combination of Wes Anderson and Tim Burton works. Maybe because I didn’t read Lemony Snicket as a child that I didn’t find any problems with it, however since Daniel Hendler himself is involved in the production and development of the series, I trust that this is just the way that he wants. Nevertheless, excited for the second season!!


First They Killed My Father (2017)

Did I say that critical acclaimed movie interest me the most? I really want to watch this movie since it hits Netflix a couple of months ago, but sadly, got no time 😥 . People got interested with this movie since Angelina Jolie produced and directed it. Set in 1975, the film depicts 7-year-old Ung who is forced to be trained as a child soldier while her siblings are sent to labor camps during the Communist Khmer Rouge regime. It got a raving reviews on Rotten Tomatoes also, it must be that good. Couldn’t wait to watch it!


Well, I think that’s all of my list for now! I honestly also want to watch Stranger (2017), Penny Dreadful, and Mindhunter; but realistically I couldn’t watch all of them in near future since HBO’s Westworld and The Handmaid’s Tale also coming up with new season. (Well, that or the fact that I always ended up watching Friends as my brain couldn’t catch up difficult things on my free times, lol!)

So sorry for the non-beauty post! But, did you watch all of the series or movies above? Please share the excitement in the comment section bellow if you do! 😉



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