Beauty Talks: What beauty trends that would go big in 2018?


Credits: Style Nanda 3CE

Now that 2018 already going for the 4th month already, I definitely could see where the beauty trends will lead this year. A little bit late, I know, I should’ve discuss this topic by January, nevertheless, better late than never, right! So, let’s get it started!

Sleeping Mask will go even bigger this year! There’s also a high possibility of new sleeping mask invention.

I’m more a sleeping mask and hydrating mask type of a gal rather than clay mask. I know they have different purposes, however, my skin definitely prefer hydrating mask, lol. A couple of years ago, Laneige coming out with a new invention called Lip Sleeping Mask that took the beauty industry into a storm! It was a hit, they even come out with different version and flavour afterwards. And sometime last year, they come out with eye sleeping mask, which even though it didn’t have good responses as great as the Lip Sleeping Mask,  it’s still a new innovation that took me by surprise. And I’m pretty sure that this year, they will come out with new sleeping mask invention! Neck sleeping mask, perhaps? Or sleeping sheet mask? Lol let’s wait and see!

European Pharmacy Brand Would Make a Great Comeback

I don’t know about outside the Asia, but I think particularly in Asia, European Pharmacy Brand would make a great comeback! La Roche Posay and Caudalie were pretty big in 2017 on Asia, and I’m pretty sure that if Vichy and Decléor expand on the South East Asia market, people will crazy about it. 😉


Credits: Espoir


People will go crazy for natural dewy skin more than highlighter!

This is what I’m the most excited for. I’m a huge advocate that highlight should be achieved naturally by skin care, not highlighting products, lol. And I could see that nowadays, especially that Korean became crazy for glass skin, mochi skin, people gravitated towards 7 skin method and use more hydrating toners which made me excited! I have nothing against highlighter, but there is nothing that could beat natural dewy, glassy skin!

There would be lots, and lots of STILA Glitter Eye Shadow Dupes

I know, the glitter craze won’t stop any soon, in fact, I’m really sure that there would be lots, and lots of STILA Glitter Eye Shadow dupes out there. Well, Colourpop already came out with their version last year, and from K-beauty brands, HOLIKA HOLIKA, A’PIEU, and  3CE already releasing their version of the glitter eye shadow.


Credits: ASOS


Liquid Blushes will be back again!

Honestly, let’s face it, long before Glossier come out with their Cloud Blush, Japanese already sold lots of liquid blushes. Even the Japanese brand created by Ayako, ex-Creative Director of NARS, ADDICTION, is famous for its liquid blush. And I think because of NARS recent launch and Glossier’s blush, lots of beauty brands would following their their steps.


Credits: Sephora

Well, as for now, I think that’s what I think about for the trend forecast of 2018. What other beauty trend that you think would go big in 2018? Please share with me in the comment section bellow! 😉

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