[REVIEW] Keana Nadeshiko Rice Mask

Finally I’ve got to try one of Japanese brand that I’ve been very curious for a while now that is the Keana Nadeshiko. I spotted this brand from Loft in Siam Square, Bangkok, and couldn’t me more happier, since this Loft also carry lots of other Japanese brand such as Flow Fushi and . Sadly, I have no time yet to post my Bangkok Haul, but weirdly enough I think 80% of my haul is Japanese, products, lol. Never thought that Bangkok is full of Japanese brands!


I heard lots of good things towards Keana Nadeshiko products. One of them is the fact that lots of people stated that their Keana Rice Lotion is one of the best dupe of SK-II FTE. By this time, I just realized how popular is this SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. In this blog alone, I’d probably already reviewed 4-5 products of SK-II FTE dupe, and I honestly couldn’t count by how many dupes out there of this particular product, lol.



Product Description 

This is a face mask that contains 100% Japanese rice extract. For rough skin that lacks moisture and firmness. The thick sheet mask is made in Japan and soaked with beauty serum to leave you with naturally beautiful skin.


So, basically, this mask is soaked by essence of Keana Rice Lotion. A lot of people saying that this mask is a bliss for dehydrated skin, and won’t even dried up after 40 minutes! However, I ain’t going to try that, though, I usually use this mask for up to 15 minutes, with average of 5-10 minutes. This mask reminds me a lot of Lululun Mask, it is filled with 10 sheet mask, with pretty thick cotton sheets. It is probably not the best material that I’ve tried, but not the cheapest, either. My skin feel cold whenever I put them on my skin, and I could definitely smell alcohol scent whenever I use this mask, no wonder, since this mask use fermented sake ingredients just like SK-II famous PITERA.


As for the result? I have to say that this mask work better for my skin rather than Lululun Mask. I could definitely feel that my skin feels noticeably hydrated and plumped up whenever I use this mask. Is it better than hydrogel mask, SK-II FTE Mask, or that oil infused mask that I use long time ago? Well, definitely not. However, if I’m going to compare it with Korean cheap sheet mask and Lululun Mask, this mask is definitely better. I could see how dehydrated skin fellas would love this mask since it would inject so much hydration into your skin.


Will I recommend it? Yes, of course! If you happened to be in Japan and feel overwhelmed by the options of sheet masks to choose, choose this one immediately! I think it shares the same price point with Lululun Premium if I’m not mistaken, so yes, you should definitely give this a try, especially if you are desperately in need for some hydration!

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