[REVIEW] Pond’s White Beauty Brightening Micellar Water

For the past year, I think one brand that kept me surprised is Pond’s. Pond’s is one of the cheapest brand that’s always there in the supermarket aisle since I was a child, whenever I accompany my mom to do monthly shopping. Perhaps, it was the first skin care brand that I’ve ever tried on my early teenage age. However, I’ve never touched their products again for the last… 15 years I guess, lol.


That until lots of beauty blogger raving about the Pond’s BB Powder that claimed to be the dupe for RCMA No-Color Powder and Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder, and you can get this powder only for $1!!! At a friction of price, no wonder everyone went crazy over this powder. Well, haven’t tried it yet, so I can’t comment about this yet (maybe soon!!).


A couple of months afterwards, my favorite local beauty blogger, Lizzie Parra, also raved about Pond’s Micellar Water. She claims that it is probably one of the best micellar water that she’d ever tried, and she begged Pond’s to import it to Indonesia. Well, I think it is already being sold at Indonesia from several months ago? However, I ended up purchasing this micellar water at one of the biggest supermarket at Bangkok (that have the cheapest price of everything in Bangkok, probably, lol), Big C. There are 1+1 promotion for the Pond’s Micellar Water and I bought it only for around $9 for a bottle of 235ml and the refill.


This is hands down one of the cheapest micellar water that I’ve ever tried. But… is it any good? I expect this micellar water to be not as good as other micellar water that I’ve ever tried. I expect it would sting and irritated my eyes. But no, darling, none of those things happened. Dare I say, this micellar water is the perfect dupe to my favorite Bioderma Sensibio H2O with a fraction of price!!!! It never stings my eyes, gentle enough for my skin, and yet, it works exactly like Bioderma!


I recently lost my Heroine Make Waterproof Mascara, the only waterproof mascara that I’ve owned recently, so I can’t say much about the effectiveness of this micellar water to remove waterproof makeup, but this Pond’s Micellar Water could definitely remove my K-Palette eyeliner that’s super stubborn to be removed.


Well, all in all I was really pleasantly surprised by how amazing this Pond’s Micellar Water is. Hopefully Pond’s Indonesia could bring it here, preferably with the huge 235ml bottle that I got from Bangkok, so I could never runs out of it, lol! Usually, by the end of any Micellar Water product, I usually said that nothing could beat Bioderma Sensibio H2O in my HG status, but… I think by now I could definitely think that this Pond’s Micellar Water replaced Bioderma on that HG throne. Recommended!

4 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Pond’s White Beauty Brightening Micellar Water

  1. I totally agree that it can replace the Bioderma Sensibio. Plus I find that after using Pond’s brightening micellar water, my face was kept fresher longer ( meaning my face does not get oily as fast ) than when I used Sensibio. Also my face seemed to look brighter after using Pond’s which I don’t see when I used Sensibio.

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  2. Hi my name is Precious. I live in Westonaria Gauteng. I was having a pimpled face with small rush on my face for past 3 years.This year I bought Pond’s micellar for 3 days.Hey it works wonders I’m only left with dark spot only


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