[REVIEW] Wardah White Secret Pure Treatment Essence


First essence, for me, is one of the most tricky skin care to be judged after exfoliating products. How do we know if our skin care afterwards works better after those products? Is it really works as booster, or just works as hydrating toner? Is this really doing something to my skin?? After a few hits and misses with Japanese first essence, I came to this conclusion that my skin suited Korean gel consistency first essence better because my skin tends not to show significant result with first essence with watery texture.


Wardah, a cosmetic brand that come from Paragon, a huge cosmetic company that also owned Make Over and Emina, come out with their own approach to the First Essence. This is certainly interesting because I think at the moment, they are the first local brand that come out with Treatment Essence. Furthermore, any products from Paragon always tend to have affordable pricing, and yet they never fail me; which is why it’s always fun to me to try their products.


In terms of packaging, I guess that it’s no longer a secret that they are trying hard to be very similar with SK-II FTE just like lots of other SK-II FTE dupes in the market, like say, Missha FTE, Secret Key FTE, etc. However, unlike SK-II that has glass bottle, this Wardah White Secret Pure Treatment Essence comes with plastic packaging. Well, since there are huge fraction in price with Wardah only $12~$13, and SK-II nearly at $100 for 100ml of products, I think that is understandable. And for traveling, I prefer plastic packaging anyway, because it’s not as heavy as glass bottle.


As for the texture, it is very, very similar with other Japanese FTE. It is very watery. However, this Wardah White Secret Pure Treatment Essence is not as clear in colour as the other FTE that I’ve tried. This first essence is very fermented scented. It is not bugging me, though, since I’m only against perfumey skin care products. This product sinks fast on the skin, and you can definitely use it for 7 skin method. I was usually lazy when it comes to try 7 skin method, but surprisingly I love to use this FTE for 7 skin method as it sinks super fast into the skin!

Well, I don’t know if this FTE does its job to boost other skin care product that I put afterwards, however, this product is doing great job for my skin in terms of hydration and the way it plumps up my skin! I really really love this FTE, especially for the price and the effectiveness that I’ve found from this product. More surprises? I found that this FTE works better on my skin rather than the super famous, super expensive SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. 


Well, all in all, I highly highly recommend this product!! Even if you won’t find it as a great booster, I know for a fact that this Wardah White Secret Pure Treatment Essence at least works so fine for your skin hydration! It definitely makes a great hydrating toner! With a very, very affordable price! I think it’s been a while since I raved so much about a product, you know what? The moment I’m trying this product, I literally raved it to all my friends to try this product as well, lol.

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