[REVIEW] Skin Aqua UV Mild Milk Sunscreen


I know, I know that I used to hate the other kind of Skin Aqua Sunscreen years ago. However, through my skin care journey, I just realized something, especially for the past 2017 until now, it’s easier for me to incorporate new products now, where my skin is (Thank God!) already feel stable enough that it didn’t reacted as much as when I was on my dehydrated and sensitive days. Well, perhaps because of my solid routine, or maybe because of my improved diet (I cut dairy from my diet, though I still consume cakes here and there, God, I just love sweets that much that I prefer to eat sweets over main course any day, lol, bad influence, I know, sorry).


Well, that being said, nowadays, it’s rare for me to have new products reacted badly towards my skin. Well, except maybe for the Drunk Elephants Vitamin C serum. But still, it made me realized that once you repair your skin barrier, it’s easier for your skin to accept new products. And I think I already re-introduce a couple of products into my skin care routine that years ago didn’t work out for my skin, but now they works like wonder. So, if you have sensitive / dehydrated / troubled skin please make sure to repair your skin barrier first before introducing new products into your skin, especially actives and skin care with alcohol and fragrance!

Okay, let’s move on. Since I’m already bored of the Bioré UV Aqua Rich, I’m on a mission to try lots of new sunscreen in the market. However, I know that it’s not an easy issue since even the highly popular Shiseido Sunscreen didn’t work out on me and it’s not cheap, I tell you. Even I have a long period of testing time of Bioré UV Aqua Rich in the past. But since I’ve never tried this pink version of Skin Aqua UV Mild Milk Sunscreen, I decided to try it anyway, since it’s pretty affordable at around $3~$4.


In terms of texture, I have to say it’s like the Shiseido sunscreen, with consistency of Bioré UV Aqua Rich. But it adsorb really well towards my skin, didn’t leave any white cast whatsoever. From the day one, I have to say that I’m pretty impressed with this sunscreen. It didn’t broke my skin, it didn’t dry up my skin, works fine, comfortable, and it’s affordable! Yay!


As for the size, I would say that it is perfect for travelling! It’s just so convenient to bring this sunscreen because the packaging is so compact and tiny but it holds lots of product, I guess I could use it up for a month and a half, I think.

Well, all in all, I really recommend this product because it’s just works and affordable!!! For me, it’s positive that I would repurchase this in the future. If you have tried other sunscreen from Skin Aqua and it’s not really suited your skin, I really recommend you to try this one since it’s pretty good! It won’t make my skin greasy either, so I personally think that this would also work for normal to oily skin.



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